The Campaign For DA


"Gary From Decatur"

. . . just called into the Mark Davis show on WBAP. "It's almost not worth working any more. All you make just goes to taxes and the government is just gonna give it away. And this immigration thing? There's just no way that is right." Attaboy, Gary. Way to give to The Man and The Mexicans all in three sentences.


wordkyle said...

Q: Why is it "giving it to the Mexicans" when someone questions legalizing illegal immigrants?

Couldn't this stance be more accurately described as "standing up for those who come into the country legally?"

There are thousands of Mexicans who go through the proper channels to come to America legally, who will be pushed to the back of the line because they agreed to play by our rules. Why should they be victimized?

Atticus said...

There is some precedent for people coming into a land and taking it over without the inhabitants wanting them there. Hint: Engish, Spanish, French, etc.