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Sexier Than Phil King: The Lady That Killed The Nazi Cam

One final nail for the City of Rhome, according to the Star-Telegram. One interesting twist is that an officer that operated the camera for Marble Falls but who was paid by Nestor was questioned about a potential conflict of interest.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she will do something about the price of gasoline next.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she will do something about sexy Phil run for his office and WIN!

King's latest move is a mass mailing of a shiny photo of his family and on the back he lists the issues he is passionate about (and one is grammatically incorrect), with an email address so we can connect with him on those issues.

Gotta love an "honest" politician, especially one who tells you just print.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she will do something about all the other cameras that are actually HIDDEN from view that record us while we are doing normal activities. Again, simply amazed that the one camera that you know about, see it, and is set to ignore all non-lawbreakers is the one that is so hated. But to be filmed walking into a bathroom at a local restaurant or gas station? Sure, no problem, put me on camera without my knowledge. I don't mind, eh?

Anonymous said...

What the article does not point out is that Nestor Traffic Systems also contributes $15 an hour to the Rhome officer who sits in the van as well as paying a Nestor employee.

So maybe Rhome should be investigated also!

Anonymous said...

The paper said that the mayor supported the bill…..that’s funny. Last year’s budget for Rhome’s Municipal court was $220,500 with a projected budget set in October 2006 for the 2006-07 year as $215,000.

From December 2006 until April 2007 (four months) Rhome’s court has collected $269,513, which turns out to be $54,513 ahead of the year’s budget in just one quarter.

Rhome’s court became so busy they hired two more full time employees (a total of three people collecting money). I don’t know for sure but I do not believe any other municipality in Wise County, or any other town with a population of 500, has three employees dedicated to collecting money in the court.

What is sad is that those two employees will be laid off now that Nestor is pulling out. Rhome’s council did not get rid of Nestor, as proven in the May 10th council meeting when the mayor indicated that he would just wait to see what the lawmakers decided ( he knew not to get rid of the cash cow before he had to).

At this rate Rhome would end the year collecting $1,078,052, which is $863,052 over their projected budget.

Anonymous said...

why can't you people put the blame about nestor here it belongs???squarely on the soulders of k.c.schoenthal.. he brought this system to wise county. not the mayor!!!! i have never seen a town with so much hatred!!!the people of this town don't care about what can be done to better the town , all they care about is getting rid of the ones they don't like on the city council. well if you succeed in running off "the undesirables" then what are you going to do?? sit and twiddle your thumbs? you don't know how to do anything else because you are too full hate to do anything!!

Anonymous said...

The last time I checked Rhome, like most other cities or municipalities, precludes (or does not allow for those who type in all lower case) a department head (like a police chief) to enter into a contract without the knowledge or consent of the city fathers. So I am willing to bet that council members and a mayor and probably an attorney had to ponder over this little cash cow before it was brought into the fine city.

And I believe “getting rid of the ones they don’t like on the council” is the democratic process, the voice of the people, not just those inside the city hall.