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Forgot About This

As I was walking up to a driver's license hearing in Fort Worth last week, I was approached by a lady that asked me, "Do you know anything about UPS?" (Other than the weird slogan of "What can brown do for you?")

Anyway, she tells me she's been looking for a UPS drop box and the only one she found was at this office building. "It said 'no pickups' but I put my package in there anyway. I hope it gets across town by tomorrow!" she told me.

So odd. Why not just drive it across town if it's that important? And why in the world would you risk putting it in the drop box?

(Pic is of the actual drop box where, I presume, her package still sits.)


Anonymous said...

Barry if u went to ALR hearing U know "what brown will do" to your clients underdraws. What a waste of good time and money, but the young female "administrative" attorneys make the coffee room look attractive.

Anonymous said...

off topic BUT why didnt you run the Decaur 5k yesterday?

Anonymous said...

It says, "Not Picked Up." I would "assume" that the sign indicates that the UPS person has not picked up the contents yet.

Anonymous said...

Barry that slogan for UPS went out in the 90's. The new slogan is Your Package is Somewhere. At least, that's what our UPS driver tells us.

Anonymous said...

I have the best UPS deliveryman...seriously.