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Limited Interest

I realize that this is of limited interest, but today my dad dropped off about four suitcases full of junk from my childhood. I'm going through some of it tonight.

I looked at a 1980 high school graduation issue of The Bridgeport Index and it had an article on "What Concerns Seniors Most." To a person, everyone mentioned "conserving our natural resources." That's kind of ironic considering today's $3.00 gas prices and gas guzzling vehicles. But it's understandable for a group of kids that, after adjusted for inflation, were paying more for gas then than they are today and, at one point, had to wait in lines six cars deep just to buy it. That scared us to death.

But I also found a program from the Optimist Club Pee Wee Football Banquet held in Bridgeport on November 10, 1973. I've scanned in a portion of it above that lists players and cheerleaders. Some of the names will be recognized by Wise County folks, including one that went on to play a decade in the NFL. (And I love that one of the teams was sponsored by the "Corner Drug" which meant, really, the drug store that was on the corner. And I'm pretty sure that "Runaway Bay" sponsored a team not because it was a town but because it was a privately owned resort.)