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State Basketball

I mentioned last week that Josh Fostel, formerly of Decatur, would be coaching in the State Basketball tourney this week. His team, Clyde Eula, tips off at 8:30 a.m. with live scoring here. Update: Josh's team lost, 34-25. The home page for the Boys' Basketball Tourney is here.


Anonymous said...

The internet is awesome! How cool to be able to keep up with the game as one works! Sound doesn't even interrupt, but the stats are updated and one can see the outcome of the game. Wow!
Congratulations Josh for making it to the tourney!!

Collectionsite said...

Good Luck Guys !!!! I will be watching and cheering you folks on.

Congradulations Josh.

Anonymous said... this the same site to "watch" all the other games played there? Does it update itself to the next game?

Gorilla said...

I think Josh took the Eula job over from Wayne Thompson, another coach with Decatur connections.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Wayne did coach there. Where is Wayne now? Retired? He should be.

Anonymous said...

Coach Thompson teaches math at Eula. His daughter coaches at Springtown.