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Not Earthshaking . . . But Interesting

A buddy of mine from Abilene sent this series of pics from me. He said they were taken in Mason, TX last January during a snowstorm.

Edit: Kudos to a Commentor for discovering these pics are from Wyoming and not Texas. My friend in Abilene is a big fat liar. Or, in this case, as gullible as me.


Anonymous said...

WOW, the worst I've seen here in MN is a black bear at times. With the He77 B mare, they don't stay around long, she hates all things low to the ground.

I'm from Abilene, with 29inches of snow here in MN, I would so love to be back in Texas!

Stay safe out there.

Anonymous said...

So what if a guy was like really nearsighted and you thought it was your cat wanting back in and you was chewing on hunk of pizza and let him in or something.

Anonymous said...

mzchief said...

I KNEW that photo could NOT have been in Texas. MOST housecats in Texas are a wee bit BIGGER than the one in the picture.