The Campaign For DA


I'm Beat And Going Home

7:10 Watch The Today Show and eat a 2 gram of fat Egg Roll with Skim Milk 8:30 Pled a guy on a DWI 8:55 Engage in very funny conversation with five guys in County Attorney's office 9:00 Docket call in County Court at Law. 10:30 Pled a lady on a DWI 11:00 Deal with prosecutors on an upcoming docket that includes cases involving Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault-Deadly Weapon, Possession of a Controlled Substance 12:00 Crappy lunch 1:00 Review new DPS lab report and get tired head over "semen" "no spermatozoa" "Y-STR" and "vaginal smear slide". Make calls related to same. Actually learn a lot. 2:30 Pled a DWI 3:30 Pled a DWI 4:00 Exchange multiple emails with prosecutors. 4:15 Meet with court appointed client who is in hoosegow 4:45 Meet with another court appointed client who is in the hoosegow 5:15 Visit with investigator in the parking lot at Sheriff's office over crazy Assault case 5:25 Almost run read light at McDonald's 5:45 Calls to clients 6:10 Look at Drew Barrymore on Internet 6:23 Going to Frilly's Happy Hour (kidding)