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Kinda Interesting Sports Note

There was an article today in the DMN on name partner Henry Gilchrist of the soon to be defunct firm of Jenkins & Gilchrist. He was the lawyer for Clint Murchinson, the owner of the Cowboys, when Texas Stadium was built. The stadium was financed with the help of folks who bought bonds who, according to a contract the law firm wrote, would be given "seat options." Basically, you buy a bond and you have the right to buy primo season tickets. Thousands were sold.

One problem: The bond contract gave the buyer the right to purchase tickets to their seat in Texas Stadium for every game the Cowboys played in. So what if the Super Bowl granted Texas Stadium a Super Bowl and the Cowboys ended up in it? The bondholders would have the right to buy tickets for the game.

The NFL considered that unacceptable since it wants to control the tickets for the Super Bowl. In response, the Cowboys, who wanted a Super Bowl for their new stadium, sent waivers to every bondholder agreeing to waive their right to tickets in such a scenario. The vast majority of the bondholders said, "no way."

So that, Mr. Gilchrist believes, is why a Super Bowl never came to Texas Stadium in a day and time when a southern outdoor stadium was a possible site.