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Reefer Madness

The story of two goofy teenagers having their 2 and 5 year old nephews smoke a joint has gone nationwide. It's on CNN, The Today Show, and many others to come.

The video, as broadcast on Channel 5, has now landed on here.

Not really much to say about it. (Although I was proud of my headline.)


Anonymous said...

But let's remember now, it's on the record that many who visit and comment on this blog say that marijuana hurts no one.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard anyone suggest that "marijuana hurts no one."

What I have heard, and consider to be a pretty good argument, is that it makes little sense for alcohol to be legal and marijuana not.

Certainly both can do damage, and neither should be given to toddlers. But as a matter of adult choice, I'd think there are way more serious matters for the police to be worrying about.

comment4U said... comment echoed from where I'm sitting.

Good one, 1:04.

Anonymous said...

Give em a 40 and you've got a Nate Newton starter kit.

mzchief said...

MORE children are harmed EVERYDAY from ingesting GARBAGE (McDonalds, Count Chocula, Twinkies, Pepsi, Gushers. Doritos, Blue Bell and Snickers) fed to them by their LOVING parents then are harmed by IDIOTS who teach and encourage children to smoke weed and/or tobacco. Marijuna was NOT the problem with this situation. The REAL problem is DD aka DUMBARSE DISEASE

MORE people die because of FOOD than die from ingesting illegal drugs and there are NOT Health Police in grocery stores making certain fat people keep away from the snack food aisle.

My point being, ANYTHING misused/abused can and will be HARMFUL to those who misuse/abuse something.

REMEMBER Jim Fixx (the founder of the Jogging CRAZE) died of a heart attack WHILE JOGGING.

Anonymous said...

How is this any different that some Wise County parent giving their kid a sip of beer? I've seen that occur many times, but its acceptable because its "cute."

mzchief said...

To anonyNOTHING 11:54...
Unlike marijuana it is NOT illegal to possess beer if you are 21 years or older. Those two men were NOT the parents of the children being intoxicated by MARIJUANA.

Incidentally, I am not certain with WHOM you associate that they would consider it "cute" to give beer to children who are 2 and 5 years old but you DEFINITELY need to hang out with a BETTER and BRIGHTER class of people.

Anonymous said...

Go to any Wise County school in the morning or afternoon. Observe how many kids are dropped off or picked up in vehicles with their windows rolled up, fresh air intakes closed (you can tell by the difference in pitch from the vent fan) and the parent(s) smoking. Take into account that a marijuana cigarette will cause far less damage to the smoker and people around them than a tobacco cigarette.

Also remember that the same people that will smoke with their children in a closed car will also smoke inside their house with their children there, too.

The fact that there is outrage over this, and not parents doing the same thing everyday is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash mzchief but in certain parts of the US it is legal now. Just because something is legal and socially acceptable doesn't make it right or healthier. Alcohol and tobacco are a more damaging drugs than people will let themselves believe.

How many collisions/deaths are caused by drunk driving? How many by marijuana? What diseases are linked to alcoholism? Marijuana? How many cases of domestic violence are linked to alcohol? Marijuana?

I have never smoked tobacco or marijuana. But I aware enough of the effects of alcohol and tobacco to know we have smoked and drank ourselves retarded.

Your reasoning is quite the slippery slope.

the1mzchief said...

To anonyNOTHING 8:19...
I was answering the QUESTION posed by anonyNOTHING 11:54 as to the DIFFERENCE between beer and marijuana and parents feeding either to their children in WISE COUNTY.

IF you had read MY prior comment you would know I think it is RIDICULOUS for government to ATTEMPT to legislate the behaviour of ADULTS in an attempt to FORCE them to do what is best for their health when in fact FAT kills more people than do drugs, alcohol and tobacco COMBINED.

Incidentally, I do NOT eat processed foods, drink alcohol, or smoke ANYTHING in an attempt to maintain EXCELLENT physical condition NOT because of ANYTHING the government has legislated. Due to the amount of cardio exercise in which I engage I have a resting heart rate of 63 bpm, normal for a HEALTHY AVERAGE female is 75 bpm. The government does NOT mandate that I swim and cycle daily. I FREELY ELECT to act in that manner. My point being, responsible people WILL act responsibly and IDIOTS will act like IDIOTS regardless of the law when it comes to THEIR personal health.

Incidentally, I have STRONG feelings regarding ANYONE harming another person when they are acting like an IDIOT. I think the IDOIT should be locked up for a VERY long time. I believe people who while acting like an IDIOT kill people should be locked up FOREVER.