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This is a picture of Jimmy Earl Adams last month after he was found not guilty in Tarrant County. He had been accused of sexually assaulting a woman while performing laser hair removal in that most sensitive of areas. Today he was found dead. Suicide, it is believed.


Anonymous said...

So maybe he can link up with that Ass. DA from Rockwall in hell.

Anonymous said...

The coroner said that he died from pubic laser surgery.

Anonymous said...

Didnt he have a heart attack in the court room shortly after the verdict last week? Maybe he had another one.

TT said...

I would think performing laser hair removal in that area or doing anything else in that area could somehow get turned into a sexual assault allegation. And he was found not guilty. Society, I'm sure, did him in. People can be so cruel.

I'm sure he's much happier in Heaven.