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Lesbians Come Back To Haunt Baylor

Crazy story about how LSU's women's basketball coach (who had a heck of a record) has abruptly resigned amidst rumors that she had a relationship with a "former player."

Now rumors swirl that LSU will come calling for Baylor's National-Championship-Head-Coach Kim Mulkey. Lesbianism, for the moment, has become very offensive to me.


Anonymous said...

RUMORS ruin lives!!! People need to tend to their own business!
I really think people who just HAVE to spit rumors are SICK and should have their own lives ruined!

Anonymous said...

funny thougt...A few years ago I was in the Uptown area of Dallas...McKinney Ave. area with some friends having a few drinks. I met a gorgeous young girl and we hit it off right away, and I knew with my average looks that I had to make a good impression and do it quickly. We talked most of the night over drinks and even discussed hanging out at her place later...and then it happened. I had to ask what she did for a living(like I really cared at this point) and she calmy replied, "I am a girls varsity basketball coach"! I, for some stupid reason let the stereotype fill my mind, and in an instant she noticed this with out me saying a word (I think I got that little smurk on my face that tells people what I am thinking). She then quickly replied, "But I am not a lesbian!", but her being a sophisticated young lady she was offended that I bought in to that stereotype. So, I spent the next half hour or so explaining how I did not buy in to that stereotype and that I did not have problem with homosexuals. To make a long story short I did get the digits and we had fun the rest of the night but it went no further than that. I guess you could say my Wise county roots beat me down that night!