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Foreign Car Crash

If you want to see a car plow into a bunch of people (no one dies, amazingly) click here. For a different angle of the same incident, click here. And the crazy part is that the car keeps going. I only speak 'merican so I don't really know what they are saying. (Source.)


Anonymous said...

Come on folks. It is a FAKE. Notice you don't actually see the impact, and from the second view it's clear the people were standing shielded by the big vehicle, the car went into a purposeful skid WITHOUT slowing down (yet had brakes moments later) and the people jumped and tumbled in a controlled way.

mzchief said...

I think I am FAIRLY certain a few people said "Oh Shite" and at least one person MIGHT have said "Get a Dr."

Incidentally, I do NOT speak nor understand Romanian I just made a WILD guess.


Anonymous said...

i'd be findin that guy and doin some ass kicking. he did not even stop!