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Bless This Kid

Chris Gavora, the Grapevine high school baseball player who died last weekend from a freak accident, was buried yesterday. He was also an organ donor. The DMN had this today in the sports section regarding the recipients:

-A 54 year old business owner and father of four received his pancreas
-A 27 year old software engineer received his liver
-A 14 year old boy received a kidney
-A 29 year old single mom received his other kidney
-A 10 year old Arkansas boy received his heart.

(Star Telegram photo)


Anonymous said...

great Story! One dies but others are saved!! God has a plan for everyones life in lif and death.

Anonymous said...

His death was so tragic and sad but what a blessing he was to those five people. Yes, bless him.

Miz.gina said...

I am always amazed that a family, under such horrible and shocking circumstances can think of others. The whole family is amazing.

Collectionsite said...

Angles come in many forms. May the Lord guide them.

Great Story Barry ... Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah
what about the important stuff: anna nicole ?

Anonymous said...


It was announced today that it had been conclusively determined that the birth of Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter had been the result of immaculate conception.

Happy now?

Anonymous said...

How can you really explain this poor kid's death as part of God's plan? If God was so concerned about those ill people, why did he make them ill in the first place? Why kill a baseball player to provide his body parts? What's God going to do for the poor kid who hit the ball?

Let's congratulate the parents for their generosity and compassion and leave the God stuff out of it.