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How About The Death Penalty For Hot Checks?

This legislature (currently in session) is obsessed with raising the penalty range for almost every crime. Note to elected officials: That doesn't make you tough on crime - it makes you a pandering-to-the-masses fool.

Take for instance a proposed bill (that looks like it will pass) that will raise the penalty for the offense of Intoxication Manslaughter from 2 to 20 years to 5 to 99 years if the person killed was a public official. Hey, I like most of the cops I deal with, but is their life worth more than the guy who works for Devon?


Anonymous said...

Answer to your question, No.

Does the legislature think slamming people in jail for longer terms will reduce the number of public officials killed by these offenders? Folks don't drive or not drive drunk because of these penalties. They drive drunk because they're stupid and don't think it will ever happen to them.

Anonymous said...

All the enhanced penalties will just lead to more jury nullifications at trial. Especially in Wise County where the juries give probation more than 1/2 the time anyway.

rc said...

To whomever asked the question, "Is a cop's life more important than a person who works at Devon?" I will say all life is precious and every individual has the right to life. However, a bill that would enhance the penalty for the death/injury of a police officer by a drunk driver is absolutely in line. Police officers (love em or hate em) put their life on the line every day for the public safety. Most people never want a policeman around until they need one. Even the municipalities have placed more value on property than they do lives. Fire departments can get all the funding they want from the citizens, yet police departments have to fight just to get protective vests for their officers. Fire Departments have the best equipment and police make do with what the budget can afford. This is not a slam on Fire Departments, rather it is an indication that we value property more than life. Any one who kills a police officer, will also kill you or your loved one. I am in favor of legislation that will put all people, judges, lawyers, cops, preachers, teachers, mayors, city councilmen and any other public official or private citizen behind bars for a long long time. Never forget, it is always their choice to DRINK AND DRIVE!

Anonymous said...

If a police officer cannot deal with the dangers of the position, they can find another job. They choose to be a police officer. They know what is involved in the job before they even apply, so there are no surprises. If you don't like it, quit. You don't deserve special treatment.

As for the question of who's life is more valuable: I'm sure this will draw a lot of fire, but Devon employees are quickly dropping below the level of even used car salesmen in the hierarchy. You continue to willingly contribute to the oil and gas industry, you are scum. Just like police officers, you can find another job outside of the industry.

Anonymous said...

The ISSUE is whether the person driving drunk is going to in any manner think to himself, "Hey, THAT guy on the side of the road up ahead isn't just your average Joe; he's a COP!!! So I'd better be more careful about HIM!"

Which is, of course, ridiculous.

Support the police in the performance of their duties ... you bet. Pay them right. Give them safer vehicles. Give them effective body armor. Anything that helps them and protects them.

But this legislation won't do any of that. This is all about after-the-fact vengeance, and will have NO "before-the-fact" effect.

Anonymous said...


Oh. "Hot checks." Whew. I thought you were advocating the death penalty for "hot chicks."

Never mind.

Gleemonex said...

This is rather seriously anti-democratic, and for that reason it is scary as hell.

Anonymous said...

and you get 199 yrs if you yell a racial slur right before the impact.

God help us

RC said...

No police officer expects to get hit by a drunk driver or be shot by a suspect anymore than you expect to get injured on your job. If something tragic were to happen in your line of work, you would be the first in line in favor or legislation enhancing the penalties. Police officers do deal with the dangers of their job everyday, plus the dangers of you job and your life when you are confronted with harm or danger. And you are right when you say that a drunk will not notice if it is a police officer or not. We are a lawless people and legislation has to be enacted in order to force people to do the right thing. Too bad that big oil companies and drunks have always seem to have enough money for good lawyers.

shaggerty14 said...

I just came across your web site by accident, or as I like to call it "fate", and my opinion to the question is: I believe that all employees of Devon (even the Janitor) think that they are more important than others. I have seen first hand what even just a welder can get away with, and it is simply shocking. Some how they seem to be governed by another law and THEY MAKE ME SICK!