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MySpace and Death

Crazy story this weekend about a married couple in two BMWs driving in a less than sober state. One bumps the other and a road worker ends up dead.

I'm not sure, but this might he her myspace page and this might be his. The names and ages match, but I don't know if it is them. (Language warning.)


Anonymous said...

Gordon Keith!

Anonymous said...

Check here for all the lastest MySpace people that kick the bucket and/or off somebody:


TT said...

Yes, lovely how he describes his wife in one pic: "My wife the alcoholic..."

Oh look, they're Longhorn fans. I bet that makes your heart happy, Barry.

Anonymous said...

Wanna bet she get off with some kind of suspended sentence? If the guy had been charged, he'd get 10 years hard time. Fair?

Anonymous said...

She was just trying out that spin-out maneuver that she has seen so many times on cops. This just proves that there is always a Mexican in the way, whether it is as the grocery store or if your just having a little drunk fun on the highway. If we would have deported all the illegals then maybe he would still be alive. It is just the slow government red-tape that got this poor man killed.