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PETA Nude Protest

PETA, a good friend of Wise County deer hunters, promised a Nude Protest today in downtown Dallas. Despite having very racy ads in the past, this Nude Protest was "as advertised" with the exception of the very important "nude" part. This camera phone pic (not mine) is the only evidence of the protest so far. Them there girls ain't nude. I'm so mad that I'm off to eat a steak. And I hate steak.


Anonymous said...

Barry, Please find on youtube the report on NBC tonite at 6:00 of Ken Kaltoff's story of how Roger Staubach lobbying to have the super bowl in 2011. He is live and a guy behind him isn't looking and walks right into a pole.

oldphilosopher said...

Where is the pictures of the beavers ? They are half assed protesters. They should be totaly nude to make an example.

Greta said...

Everybody stand back. Barry is hyperventilating.

It will be OK. Don't worry. You will find new boobies to drule over.

You are too funny.

Anonymous said...

Eat your honey, a million bears cant be wrong.

Anonymous said...

A nude Let's see,yesterday it was around 72 at 5:00pm and today would freeze the balls off a Christmas tree.