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The Abilene PD has announced that it will videotape every single confession. Tremendous. There is no reason why every law enforcement agency in Wise County shouldn't do the same. Every now and then Ive seen an agency at least audio record a confession (but I haven't seen a video confession except in two or three cases over the years.)


Anonymous said...

Wonder what happened to cause this decision?

Anonymous said...

I know, I know. Read the article.

Barry, surely you don't think our good ole Wise County police forces would coerce a suspect during an interrogation, do you?

Anonymous said...

You would think that it would be a no brainer to already have that in place. Unless whats spoken is taken out of proportion.

and your point is? said...

Absolutely, should be done EVERY time.

Anonymous said...

Rex ! No more questions. Wait !!! Gerald then no more questions .

Anonymous said...

Video of all police activities might clean up a lot of abuses. How long before Wise Co takes advantage of this simple technology?

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya 100%! Wise county has got to be the most corrupt police department I have ever seen. I have heard horror stories of how innocent or over-charged people were tricked into confessing to something they did not do!

1:50 pm probably never. Heres why. There would be nobody to fight to get it done. The people treat Wise county PD like gods and as if they can do no wrong. What we need is a well paid well funded Public Defenders office, that can fight to make sure everybody is given justice .

Another reason we need such a office is because of poverty. Recent surveys reveal that 80% of wise county residence would be unable to afford a good lawyer. I can think of VERY few people that can afford 30,000 bucks for legal defense. Heck thats a years wage or more for most people out here!

Ok I'll end my rant. But all i'm saying is until people realize that civil liberty's are important corruption in our police department will continue.

A concerned citizen.