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God's Lawgivers

I think I figured out why Phil King is popular in Wise County. Today, a group called Texas Freedom Network Education Fund has just issued its latest report on the religious right’s influence on Texas government called "God’s Lawgivers? Carrying the Water for the Religious Right in Texas Government." King made the very elite list. If you want to read the full report, it is here (warning: It's a 67 page .pdf file.) The screenshot above is good enough. Suffice it to say, King is big on the restriction of abortion rights and now moving into the area of limiting stem cell research.


Anonymous said...

The desire to create laws rooted in Christian principles seems backwards to me. If I truly believe in God (the God that a person talks to and gets an answer, the God that helps people win football games, the God that makes the tornado veer to the other side of the trailer park) wouldn't I also believe all things happen according to his plan? Wouldn't I just accept "criminal" behavior such as murder to be something God has determined? Or that God is the one who created the murderer? Who would I be to stand in the way of such things that God stands for? I would expect a bonafide believer in God to instead propose the total elimination of all laws on the premise of "what's the point?" If God doesn't intend for something to happen, it won't.

Anonymous said...

Since I live in a more northern county, a little to the west, some Wiseguy please tell me why I shouldn't say "bleuuuch!" when I hear Phil King's name.

On another note, anybody like to cook with Fennel? I hear it is a highly aromatic perennial herb, erect, glaucous green, and grows to 2 m tall.

Dammit, I mistakenly planted some Fennel, and it attempted to become overwhelming. I chopped it down with my hoe one day. It was aromatic, but totally creepy.

B - you just freaked me out. I hope I did the same to you.

Anonymous said...

It worked on this blog! b no longer posts!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

10:09 you have no clue to who God is.Just because someone says they are a christian, does not mean that they are. Read the Bible and find out how God really is.

mzchief said...

To anonyNOTHING 11:17...
I am CERTAIN Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Jones, James Baker, Kenneth Copeland and Ted Haggard have ALL read the Bible.

OBVIOUSLY reading a book of myths and fables like the Bible does NOT assure that the reader will KNOW God.

Religion is TRULY a double edged sword. It HAS done MUCH for the advancement of civilization and as MUCH to damage individuals. The basic premise of MOST organized religions is helpful and a good thing upon which to base laws. HOWEVER it is VERY unwise to base laws on any ONE specific RELIGION.

Hardcore, Bible/Koran thumping Christians and Muslims will NEVER understand that concept.

Anonymous said...

Shut up SquareHead!! Pray they lay hands to heal your big head!!

Anonymous said...

mzchief; you know that God is real, say what you want but you know

mzchief said...
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mzchief said...

To anonyNOTHING 8:47...

Let me make this PERFECTLY clear!

I not only KNOW God is REAL I KNOW God and I KNOW people do NOT need to buy into the bogus whoey spewed by RELIGION to KNOW and BELIEVE in GOD.

RELIGION has done MORE to HARM God than has ANY other evil.

I SOOOOO believe in GOD I do NOT need man made RELIGION to KNOW God.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Barry for the link and allowing us an opportunity to discuss Phil King's making the top ten for pushing the Right's agenda in the House.

All politics is personal and what do we have to lose or gain when stem cell research is limited?

Will the Religious Right keep you, your family or me from medical treatment because of a narrow religious view.

Stem cell research will open doors in the future for good.

Wise County can take Phil King off the list of the top ten...

goober said...

Phil King needs to be on someone's electorial "hit list"; don't say it can't be done. Look what happened to Grusendorf down in Arlington when the teachers targeted him. And he was arguably one of the most powerful politicos in the state.

wordkyle said...

Phil King's bill in the Texas Legislature would have prohibited embryonic stem cell research, not "all" stem cell research.

Why do certain people insist on promoting only embryonic stem cell research? Why is it important to destroy something that might be a human life? (That qualifier is for you doubters.) Why do you use "stem cell research" when you mean "embryonic stem cell research?" Especially since embryonic stem cell research promises a lot, but doesn't deliver?

In November 2004, Princeton University president and geneticist Shirley Tilghman said, "Some of the public pronouncements in the field of stem-cell research come close to overpromising at best and delusional fantasizing at worst."

Why is it important to use embryos when adult stem cells are already producing results? Money spent on destroying embryos could be put to better use by funding proven techniques using adult stem cells.

Maybe the purpose is to help reinforce the belief that an embryo is not a human being, but something to be used, then discarded. That would certainly soothe the conscience (such as it is) of the pro-abortion crowd.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Phil. Getting such a bashing on this blog.

I wonder if he brings his Bible along to impress the Wise County Republican women?

Anonymous said...

What did Texas ever do without this guy? I'd like to go back to those days.

Horrible pic of King. He looks like Adolph Hitler.

The savior of the Texas Legislature.

When can we defrock this crock?

Gleemonex said...

"the pro-abortion crowd"

Oh man, that's rich.

Never mind, though. You do realize that embryonic stem cells come from the "leftovers" of IVF (in-vitro fertilization) attempts by infertile couples, right? As in, the couple -- who have gone to extraordinary trouble and expense to subvert God/Nature's apparent intent for them NOT to have children -- have made all the babies they want/need/can support, and have donated the remaining embryos to science, in the hope of helping all humankind.

wordkyle said...

Yes, I'm aware of what an embryo is -- a fertilized egg which, with proper care, grows and becomes a baby. Using such a being for spare parts or -- even worse -- unnecessary medical experiments strikes me as repugnant, at best.

Why not put all that energy and resources into adult stem cell research, where results are already being shown? The latest research indicates that adult stem cells have more plasticity (the ability to become any kind of cell) than previously thought. Plasticity is the advantage embryonic stem cells were supposed to have.

Adult stem cells have already been used to treat leukemia, lymphoma and several inherited blood disorders, as well as in the teatment of diabetes and advanced kidney cancer.

Embryonic stem cells have been used to cure....nothing.

Which method do you think is the greatest benefit to "all humankind?"

Anonymous said...

7:06 Do you feel better knowing the snow embryos will remain frozen forever or thrown away?

You are wrong; the scientist are right about embryonic stem cells research saving lives!

Phil King can tie a yoke around our necks because he represents your narrow view on science. It is backward and the public does not need to suffer because of a narrow, religious view.

If you believe it is wrong, don't use treatment from embryonic stem cells.

Phil King is taking our liberty for better health and life saving treatments away by serving as one of God's Lawgivers. Sounds like the old testamont to this Southern Baptist.

Atticus said...

Brother Phil also is a follower of Craddick and supported him as he kept his strangle hold on the House. It would seem that supporting the party and individuals is more important than supporting the democracy. I don't care who we elect the next time to serve us (Democrat or Republican) as long as they support open and above the board conduct in our legislature. King, Craddick, Perry, Delay etc., are all in favor of the rich and powerful. It is good to throw the rascals out every once and a while and his time has surely come to go!

Anonymous said...

A really good photographer could have ruined King's holy image by switching the index finger to the bird.

wordkyle said...

anon 8:17 AM: The "scientists" are the ones who haven't produced any cures with embryonic stem cell research. It's all promises so far.

Meanwhile adult stem cell research is hard at work. Yet all the emphasis is on the least-productive procedure.

Besides wanting results, I want the debate to be honest. Don't say someone opposes "stem cell research" when what they oppose is "embryonic stem cell research."

Using deception and dishonesty to promote their side makes me think that they have other motives than wanting results from the research.