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Don't Worry About The Christmas Credit Card Bill

The Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy has some restaurant suggestions for Valentines. Some are . . . uh . . . pricey.


Anonymous said...

The Spread Eagle Mountain Lake Strip Club has a happy hour on Valentines day with all you can eat mouth watering catfish, a 6 pack of keystone tall boys, a box of heart shaped bon bons, and a lap dance for 5.99. Now that is one hell of a deal!

Anonymous said...

Those prices are indicative of the increasing disparity between the economic classes. It's becoming dangerous to our middle class democracy. I find it appalling that some feel it necessary to expend that kind of money for a single meal. Bet they really pony up at the collection plate at their favorite church on the following Sunday. What would Jesus say?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like 10:33 is ready to storm the Bastille. Did I hear someone say 'Let them eat cake?'