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It's National Signing Day . . .

. . . the first day that high school kids can sign letters of intent to play college football. Baylor's only recruit is a 5'7" 145 lb. linebacker out of Muleshoe, but he may have changed his commitment to Prairie View A&M.


Kingfish said...

Yep, we stole Lonnie Edwards from Baylor. We (Tech) have all 25 commits signed and are waiting for a 1pm press conference for Gerald Jones, a WR that is considering Tenn, Okie lite, and us. My favorite recruit is Omar "The Big Chief" Castillo. New Mexico player of the year. 6-5 310lbs. I hope he can spell SAT.

Personally, it was more fun when Spike would get the 5'9 175lbs slow kids from Eldorado, and then turn them into studs.

The evil empire (UT) had all their kids committed by 9am. They probably already have 90% of their commits for next year as well. Doesn't matter if A&M signs the entire Colts roster, they still can't beat Tech.

Anonymous said...

Check out

Sic'em Bears are ranked 61st for this recruiting class. Dead last in the Big 12.

UNT Mean Green is ranked 98th.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You'll notice Boise State nowhere near the top of this list. And yet they went undefeated (including beating mighty Oklahoma). TCU's done pretty well near the bottom of the recruiting lists.