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Indiana Jones IV

Release date: May 22, 2008. Real date. Funny photo.


Anonymous said...

Is this old Indiana Jones using a walker? I thot he'd be in a wheelchair by now.

mzchief said...

Harrison Ford will be 66 years old when the NEW flick hits the theatres.

Sean Connery was ONLY 59 when he played the part of Indiana's father in 1989.

I GUESS it is safe to say 60 is the NEW 30.

Anonymous said...

THAT is a funny picture!! And that's quite an omigosh fact about Sean Connery's age in the third movie!

Shane Rollins said...

officially lost my coffee when I saw that. I was gonna make a comment about Connery's age, but mzchief beat me to it.

Least they have the grail in the story to say as to why these old men can do what they do