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A Mind Boggling $1.65 Billion

Two weeks ago, Mark Cuban said that anyone that would buy would be an "idiot" because the company would be "sued into oblivion" for copyright violations. Google pulled the trigger on the deal today (But it looks like Google is cutting deals with media companies to eleviate those copyright concerns.) I'll bet on Google over Cuban any day of the week. And with gems like this, it can't fail. Right?


Anonymous said...

You gotta love the rolling trash can in the living room.

Anonymous said...

they will probably have to fend off a good number of IP infringement lawsuits, but no more than myspace or aol or msn or, for that matter, all of which allow users to post their own video content. maybe Cuban hasn't heard of the DMCA, which provides a safe harbor for websites, hosting companies, dns servers, etc. all they have to do is provide a fairly simple mechanism for accepting complaints from IP owners and "expeditiously" removing the infringing content -- and they cannot be held liable. but i doubt google would have looked into this very much prior to sinking $1.65 billion into it. Or on second thought, they probably did, unlike Yahoo when they paid an even-more-mind-boggling $5.5 BILLION for Cuban's stupid company (, which absolute gem of a purchase had the net negative effect of making us care (or notice, even) what Mark Cuban has to say.

-- IP lawyer from DQ land