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"Lost" Thoughts

I'm about 80% of the way through the first season of Lost. So . . . - The only way to watch a TV show is on DVD. A one hour episode becomes a commercial free 40 minute episode - The show is really, really good - although the whole thing is based upon suspense. There is a whole lot of stopping and listening to bushes rustle. - And speaking of bushes in the jungle, for a place where there are untold dangers in the jungle, those people go walking around by themselves more than I do on a Saturday night. - And the concept of flashing back to learn about the characters is genius. Sayid may be my favorite - It's still confusing that there may be 30 people that went down with the plane but who we just quite haven't met yet - And if you get injured, you heal really quickly. You can dislocate your shoulder and you'll be fine two days later. And if you get stabbed in the leg or arm (which happens a lot), don't worry - you'll be wound free in two episodes. - And as to the picture above, that's characters Kate and Charlie not playing Kate and Charlie


Anonymous said...

Barry, Welcome to the real world. Hollywood is make believe. Thought you would have realized that earlier.

kehk said...

I finished Seasons 1 & 2 of Lost over the summer (it gets very twisted....) and find myself irritated watching Season 3 on TV, for the same reason; Commericals. Netflix has spoiled me.

Anonymous said...

That show is so stupid. Just about everything on television is STUPID. All the evening drama shit sux.