Channel 5 News

Due to the baseball playoffs (that I do not care about), I watched Channel 5 News tonight. Holy cow, I thought Fox 4 was bad. Random Observations: - Mike Synder and Jane McGarry, at best, can only read the news. They are caricatures of local anchor people. - The information is of questionable veracity at best. After telling me than some poor sap was arrested for growing 178 pot plants at his home (good lord, this is 2006 isn't it?), Mike Synder looks at the camera and tells me that "the marijuana had an estimated street value of $300,000." Whatever! Mike may be smoking the stuff. - And then they put this graphic up (pictured above) about some guy that allegedly molested some girl in the Burleson Walmart. He was arrested in the parking lot and, as Jane told me with a very straight face, he had six outstanding traffic warrants. Six!!!!!! - I just stopped watching when Jane proclaimed "never have that time of the month again" due to a "miracle medical breakthrough". Menopause?