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Giddy Up

The gubernatorial debates were boring on Friday except for learning that Kinky doesn't use the Internet. (Way to appeal to the masses there, buddy.) But Perry clearly felt he won.


Anonymous said...

That man is an arogant SOB and I hope and PRAY Chris Bell or Carol Keaton-Strahorn whip his butt. Carol probably has a better shot because of name recognition, but I really like what Chris Bell has to say. Why aren't the Democrats advertising more???

Anonymous said...

Because the liberal mantra of higher taxes doesn't sell around here.

m&m said...

Funny how his TV ad says education is his #1 priority. Hmmm, must be an election year.

Anonymous said...

Eminem, You have a mind like a steel trap. What made you realize it's an election year?

Anonymous said...

Kinky and Carole seemed uninformed (repeating lines from their commercials). They have no chance.

Anonymous said...

"Mantra" schmantra. The REPUBLICAN "mantra" has been "The liberal mantra of higher taxes..." for too damn long. Check the positions and the growth of pet government programs over the past several years ... the Dems have become the party of smaller government. That tends to ALWAYS be the case with the party that is out of power. Which is why we need to SWITCH parties in power every few years.

Perry is, indeed, an arrogant SOB. What I want is somebody who will come halfway close to doing what they promise. And Perry has now amply proven that it is NOT him.

Anonymous said...

What baffles me is that according to news reports most folks really don't like the hair bear, but the polling folks say he will be elected. Go figure.

Chris Bell would be my choice, but he needs to come on a lot stronger.

Maybe Molly Ivins will give him a plug or two.

Anonymous said...

What a wuss....

Anonymous said...

nice job gov. you sure deserve to serve again. blech

In 33 Sociological and Environment Areas:

1st in Execution of Prisoners.
1st in Prison System, $6 Billion Annually
1st in City with Crime (Dallas)
1st in Corporate Bankrupcy (Enron)
1st in Children without Health Insurance
1st in Poorest Counties
1st in Percent of children without health insurance
1st in Homeowner Insurance Cost
1st in Personal Un-creditworthiness
1st in Personal Bankruptcies
1st in Toxic Air Releases
1st in Smog Days (Houston)
1st in Pollution released by manufactuting plants (6)
1st in Pollution by industrial plants in violation of Clean Air Act
1st in Greenhouse gas emissions
2nd in Percent of children living in poverty
2nd in Percent of population without health insurance
3rd in Hunger
4th in the Nation in AIDS cases
5th in Teen Birth Rate
10th in Obesity (Houston and Dallas, No. 1 and 6, respectivelly)
45th in Mothers Receiving Pre-Natal Care
46th in Public Libraries and Branches
46th in High School Completion Rate
46th in Water Resources Protection
47th in Delivery of Social Services
48th in Literacy
48th in Per Capita Funding for Public Health
48th in Best Place to Raise Children (29th before Bush
48th in Spending for Parks and Recreation
48th in Spending for the Arts
49th in Spending for the Environment
50th in Teachers' Salaries plus Benefits

cap'n yoaz said...

Appealling to what masses? Texas has always been an intellectual backwater. If it wasn't for the Telecom Corridor and the second Silicon Valley in Austin, we'd be behind Arkansas or Mississippi in terms of people using the internet.

The people that do use it think its for passing along "funny" pictures and mind-numbing discourse. Then they get offended when called on it. The internet was made to insult other people. The first thing Tim Berners-Lee did after creating the world wide web was to post a hearty "up yours, world!" page.

I'm glad Kinky doesn't use it. Because five minutes after he did, he'd off himself. Anybody with a sense of humor such as his knows tripe when he sees it. I'd rather he'd stay around.

All of you need to go back to and wither away there.

Anonymous said...

"and then I said put 'em up you old grandma and you too Kinky: I'll kick both your asses" thats how it happened Judge. I put up my dukes like this but I swear I never hit anybody. Honest. Honest. Nobody. I'm not lying. Honest.

Anonymous said...

A Molly Ivins endorsement is the kiss of death.

m&m said...

Anon 2:59 It's called sarcasm. All politicians say education is my #1 priority during an election year and as soon as the election is over it slides back down to priority #34 or so.

Anon 4:34 Pretty bleak picture you have painted of the lone star state. Do you have a reference for those stats?

Anon 5:36 Pretty funny. Made me laugh out loud. He does look like a pansy, the way he's holding his fists up.

Anonymous said...

He looks even more gay than he auctually is.

Anonymous said...

m&m I didn't paint that picture just copied and pasted what our fearless leaders have painted.

(1) National Education Association, (2) U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Research and Development
(3) U.S. Bureau of Census, Current Populations Trends
(4) U.S. Dept Health and Human Services, National Center for Health Statistics
(5)1998 Texas School Survey of Substance Use Among Students: Grades 7-12, Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
(6) U.S. EPA, Office of Pollution and Prevention
(7) Texas Observer
(8) Statistical Rankings by State (9) Children's Rights Council

anybody who approves of our ranking and thinks we should reward our leaders by giving them 4 more years is either on crack or an ignorant right-wing nut case.

mzchief said...

Perry creeps me out!

wordkyle said...

ANON 4:34 PM and 9:39 PM: This is one race I don't really care about (because I believe Texas government is poorly constructed and run even worse), but whenever someone copies and pastes a bunch of statistics, alarm bells ring. Sure enough...

For example, Dallas is not the "#1 City with Crime." For cities 500k+ it was ranked #5. And although Enron was certainly a disaster, and got the most press, Worldcom (out of Virginia) was nearly twice as big a debacle. And 48th in "Best Place to Raise Children"?? That's a pretty subjective measurement.

Even with those statistics that were accurate (and I agree that many should be better,) they have been generations in the making. Who we elect or don't elect will make little difference. The politicians will continue to ignore situations that are destroying Texas. Example: the flow of Mexican mothers coming to Texas border towns to give birth to "anchor babies" is crippling healthcare facilities in those areas. What should be done to prevent their collapse?

Texas, Our Texas....not what it used to be.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Republican--and I have come to the realization that the only difference between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to government spending--is WHERE they spend it!! It keeps going up regardless of WHO is in charge nationally!

wordkyle said...

ANON 8:53 AM: I'm sure you've heard the old saying: "If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul's vote."

The more recipients that government can give other people's money to (because the government can't create wealth, it can only redistribute it), the more votes they can buy. It's a downward spiral, and no politician can get elected by saying he wants to stop it.