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E. Coli Humor Is So Wrong


SkidRow said...

E. Coli did'nt kill him. It was that toothpick, Olive "Nicole Richey" oil.

Anonymous said...

First spinach, now lettuce.

The world is coming to an end.

No salads?

What's next? Splenda?

Atticus said...

The odds are greater that you will get hurt or die in car, rather than eating spinach or lettuce! Much greater.

Anonymous said...

To those affected it is in poor taste. However, the cartoon is kinda funny.

(I'd certainly agree there are many more hazardous ways of getting harmed than eating spinach or lettuce).

Anonymous said...

Skidrow , are you saying he was eating Nicole ? She came...He went ?

mzchief said...

Humourous is humourous and I find THAT humourous. Of course no one I know has died from having eaten e. coli spinach. Perhaps, what IS or is NOT humourous depends on a person's perspective.


Anonymous said...

I can't help but think of those kids who REFUSE to eat their vegetables whose parents force them to eat their spinach or no dessert. I can only hope that none of the sick/dead were anyone forced to eat their spinach.

I know - it's warped - but that's just me.