Just Ignore Problems And They Will All Go Away

"GRANBURY BOOK CONTROVERSY Posted Friday, October 7, 2005 by countrynews. A Granbury woman says she plans to file a complaint with the school district over the contents of a book in the Acton Middle School library. Carol Sanders feels the book her 13 year old granddaughter read contains pornographic content. The book, 'Detour for Emmy' is about a 15 year old girl that becomes pregnant. Sanders says the descriptions of sexual relationships in the book were explicit and shouldn’t be on the shelves of a middle school library. Sanders intends to file a complaint with the Granbury School District. It will be up to the district's book committee to decide if the book should be removed from the school library." The book can be explored here. Most of the comments left by readers at Amazon.com speak of the book containing valuable lessons about the hardship of teenage pregnancy.