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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Hey, if you wanted to go to Chick-fil-A yesterday, more power to you. But what I didn't understand were those who were interviewed who said they were there to support free speech rights and that it had nothing to do with traditional vs. gay marriage. That's not true.
  • Don't believe me? If the owner of Chick-fil-A had said "There is no God" and a firestorm had broken out, would those same people have been there to support his free speech rights? Not a chance. They were there to support the content of his speech, not his right to say it.
  • (Yeah, yeah. I understand "free speech" is applicable to government censorship).
  • Fox 4 had the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas on last night to debate the Chick-fil-A controversy.  I can't believe the Board of Deacons puts up with him because he is anything other than pastor-like. (And does anyone else's gaydar go off when he talks?)
  • And it finally happened: The Clarice Tinsley lets-look-at-the-Facebook-comments segment (beating) finally displayed the F bomb last night. She was actually reading that comment before she bailed.
  • That was the Ranger game of the year last year. Box score. I went to bed after checking in on it to see it tied in the 9th. I'm interested but not that interested.
  • I'm not sure any Olympic sport sucks the life force out of me more than rowing. 
  • Regarding those cross country running high school kids I see in the morning: Is that organized by the school or are those kids doing it on their own?
  • One thing I learned due to my recent dental work: They don't deaden your mouth like they did in the old days. Now its a slow step-by-step process. Used to the dentist would just jab you one time with a big needle, maybe wait 15 minutes, and then get to drilling.
  • There's a 28 year old from Bridgeport listed in the Update's obituary today. Anyone?
  • From the photos I've seen, the new Wise County campus of Weatherford College looks really nice. 
  • Heard the Ticket boys reference a song (hip hop?) which has a line about Jerry Jones losing his wallet in the California town he lived in for a while. They were debating whether Jerry even knew about the song. I'll admit I had never even heard any reference to it whatsoever.