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Olympic Scandal Of The Day

Eight players have been disqualified from the badminton competition for trying to lose. Yep, lose.

But here's the catch: They all had already "qualified" for the Elimination Bracket which really means Loser's Bracket. However, they weren't there yet -- they still had to play some games. And here is the key for the player: The worse your win/loss record was once you got there, the crappier your opponent would be.

So lose? Absolutely. Makes perfect sense to me. Do you want to win and face the #2 seed or lose and face the #6 seed. No brainer.

But then it dawned on me that the "worse" player might not be the actual "worse" player because that player was probably trying to throw games, too. Up is down. Down is up. Cats chasing dogs.

P.S. I'm a fantastic badminton player. If I had pursued it, I'd be known as the John McEnroe of the sport, and  birdie manufacturers would probably beg me to license my name to them. Oh, what might have been.


Anonymous said...

It's not a birdie. It is a shuttlecock.
Sure, I bet you were good.

Anonymous said...

Losers surviving to play easier opponents. Sounds stupid to me. Send them home. Kinda like 3-6 high school football teams making the playoffs. Losers should be staying home and watching the winners.

Anonymous said...

Weren't we all good at something back in the day?

Triple Fake... said...

Like I said...weiner sport!
How is a game that's played in the backyard during a family reunion also an Olympic event? Why not just go all out and have dominoes and Okie noodlin' in the Olympics?

I bet some Korean athletes aren't so quick to point out which side of the 38th Parallel they're from now, huh?
"Oh, that's close big happy peninsula. Please continue with stirring, patriotic anthem. Hmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmm"

Anonymous said...

Did you take Badminton from that 80-year old guy at Baylor? That old man could beat you, for sure.

And he wouldn't stop talking about the olympian from Baylor in the 70's--like he was there just yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Next great Olympic sports:

Kick the Can
Tether Ball
Cow Chip Toss
Robot Wars
Dance-Dance Revolution
Madden 2016

Anonymous said...

Hey counselor - I love when you present such a situation and make light of the basic nonsense involved in it. You are correct that it is absurd and in a fairly black-and-white fashion it is cheating however everyone cheats (and feels fine about doing so because.... well, everybody else is cheating). So the issue is not all the cheaters but it is the PROCESS or the RULES that govern the game.

But it is actually the rest of the story that makes me shake my head................

Anonymous said...

and the rest of the story is this............

Can you think of another example of such absurd behavior?

Let's review, shall we? up is down. down is up. cats chasing dogs. little things are big things. big things are little things. lots of finger pointing. winning at all cost is the objective. lies. misdirections. drama. egos. lots of monkey dust thrown in the air. lots of chest beating. being a "close" friend of the game officials is a must. and, oh yes, above all we need a broken process!!!!!


They cheat. They are scum. They most assuredly lie and their very existence is based on their ability to misdirect. Everybody cheats which makes them feel good about themselves and they certainly have their noses half way up the arses of all the "game officials" in town (who by the way are lawyers who had their noses halfway up the arses of the judges that preceded them)

so, all we have to do is CHANGE the PROCESS.......... oh, but wait, LAWYERS write the rules that are supposedly followed by lawyers so that won't work...... I know we can appeal to the "game officials" but wait, the "game officials" are the judges and judges are LAWYERS

at least the badmitton guys are playing a silly game with a shuttlecock......... lawyers are playing a silly game with people's lives!!

Anonymous said...

my final comment (promise). One of my favorite quotes comes from a lawyer right here in our little Mayberry town...... "I don't care if it's family, civil or criminal if you ever see justice at the Wise County Courthouse, I will assure you it was a fu%@ing accident" at which point he chuckled and said he was headed to the bank

Anonymous said...

So they were intentionally playing Badminton! This will teach 'em to play Goodminton from now on.

Anonymous said...

Makes me worry they may open an investigation into when I tanked a couple of Red Rover competitions. Honestly, I just wanted to get to the punch & cookies early. That's all.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

How would you like to go home to Korea or China as one who failed.Tit deep planting rice in a field full of shit probably.

Anonymous said...

They must have been schooled in the U.S. where even the losers are rewarded.