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Guess That Price

A couple of years ago, American lost our bags but delivered them the next day on our doorstep.  There was the initial hassle of (1) "Hey, where are our bags", (2) where do we go, and (3) what forms do we fill out, but after I had gotten over that, the actual bag delivery was a fantastic concept. I remember writing that if I knew I'd get them back with home delivery, they could lose them every time. The beat down of waiting for them at the baggage claim and then lugging them out to the curb is a pain.

But now American will do the delivery for a flat fee within 40 miles. You just get off the plane and head to the car.  So here's the game: What do you think they will charge? They have a rate for one bag, one rate for two bags, and one rate for three to ten (which seems surprising.)  My guess was that one bag would start at $50.

Answer here.

Sidenote: Mrs. LL always does something to make our bags unique so they can easily be spotted in the mass of bags that will undoubtedly include lookalikes.  Normally it is a bright ribbon tied around the handle. Our last trip she used a strip of Hello, Kitty duct tape.  See what I'm dealing with here?