The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Messenger's web site went down again last night (on election night, no less) and in their anger they revealed they pay $300 a month to their web hosting company. 
  • I (finally) saw Too Big To Fail over the weekend. Fantastic. For the life of me, I never understood why the country was not in an absolute panic four years ago when everyone in the know was telling us our economy was on the verge of complete destruction.
  • Good Ags: ESPN's College Gameday decided to cut a commercial for the upcoming season which featured the Aggies Yell Practice in it. Here's a pic of the turnout for the filming at College Station.
  • It was a perfect storm for the Tea Party last night: A run-off, a bland establishment guy firing off offensive ads, and let's-get-prepared-to-oust-Obama fueled emotion. And I'll give them credit, they realized if they turned out they could win the thing.
  • And the turnout was crazy: It looks like there were 1.4 million people who voted in the Republican primary in May. Last night it only dropped off to 1.1 million. 
  • But here is the real and crazy proof. Dewhurst received 624,170 votes in May but dropped to 450,562 yesterday. Cruz received 479,079 in May but grew to 578,938 yesterday. That's insane. (Source)
  • Some of you Google experts, find out for me who was the mastermind of Dewhurst's "Chinese company" ad. It had to be some high paid political consultant, and I love to know exactly who it was. (And that Ted-Cruz-Killed-My-Son ad may have been worse.)
  • And I cannot believe Dewhurst said last night, "We never compromised any of our values." So you still stand by those ads? He's either morally challenged or mentally challenged. 
  • But here's my hot sports opinion: This is the high water mark for the Tea Party in Texas. Like I said, it was a perfect storm, and changing demographics will prevent that from ever happening again at the state-wide level.
  • It's support Chick-fil-A day. Who would have thought that being anti-gay marriage could be so profitable?
  • One of the morning boys on The Ticket yesterday said "we know" that both the Angels and the Rangers will make the playoffs. I'd tap the brakes on that big time. The Rangers are in trouble.
  • Another Alvord blow: This man (facebook link) suffered serious injuries in a wreck last night. 
  • It seems like everyone who dies from the West Nile Virus is in bad health to start with.