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Ever Wonder What It Takes To Get An Arrest Warrant?

The way it works is that someone (normally a cop) prepares an affidavit and then presents it to a judge (normally a Justice of the Peace) who reads it and determines whether probable cause exists to issue a warrant.

I came across the above affidavit last week (it's public record in Wise County). Notice that it is for an arrest warrant for Jessica for Intentionally Making A False Statement To Obtain Credit. Basically, it alleges she went to Cash America for a loan and brings with her her pay stubs. Cash America employee McGuire (I assume she's an employee - the affidavit doesn't say) tells Jessica to change her earnings on the application so she'll be able to get a loan.

I post it for two reasons: (1) you are looking at the entire affidavit that a judge looked at before signing a warrant, and (2) if true, Jessica knew she was signing a false application, but that falsity was promoted by an employee of Cash America who is the "victim" in this case and, more likely than not, wants restitution for a defaulted loan.