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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The District of Columbia is the first to allow Internet gambling asserting that the federal law banning it has enough murky loopholes to let them try it.
  • You would think the soon to open Hawaiian Falls water park in Roanoke will be a tremendous success.
  • Subway beat down a couple of days ago from kid sweeping the floor: "Mind if I sweep under your table while you're eating?" Dude. 
  • Is there any baseball player more fragile than Josh Hamilton (who is out for around two months after the Ranger broke his arm in a head first slide into home plate yesterday)?
  • And several have noted that Hamilton had a can of snuff in his back pocket. Necessary?
  • A one car wreck in Wise County yesterday injured occupants named Felipe and Fidel. 
  • Whatever happened to Amy Grant?
  • "If I create a thing that can be exposed, do I become a folly or a star?" - opening line of a very long and philosophical text I received from a buddy on Saturday night that might have celebrated a bit too much. 
  • Every organization tries to expand by courting those that really have no interest in the core product. Example: An NBA game has video, music, cheerleaders, light shows, mascots, and everything else to entertain kids and spouses that would otherwise be bored to death by basketball. Or how about an example of a twitpic yesterday of a Hooters girl doing the hula hoop at a college baseball game?
  • Does the above "expand by courting" apply to today's churches?
  • A mom got into her minivan and drove three of her kids into the Hudson River in New York last night. All are dead. But she let one son, age 10, out of the van beforehand. A trust fund should be established for his future therapy. Edit: The Fox story was updated after I published this. I swear the original version said she let the 10 year old out. Now it says he escaped. 
  • And speaking of trust funds, my criticism of Baby Jessica's trust fund was based on "why does she deserve the money?"  If she needed the money as a child for medical or mental treatment, that makes sense. But what purpose does it serve to dump a trainload of cash on her now?
  • Always fun: Being befriended on Facebook by an old girlfriend and then checking out what became of her through her photos. 
  • Reader submitted "Hey, now."
  • Worst person to be behind in convenience store checkout line: The guy turning in and buying scratch off lottery tickets. "I'll take one of them Texas Two Steps ... no, not that down ... yeah, that one. And I'll take two of them Don't Mess With Texas . . . . "