Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The video of the 12 year old in Desoto getting run over after others had a street fight (causing one kid to flee in a car) was hard to watch even though Fox 4 cut the tape short.
  • I actually proclaimed to the girls in the house as I watched it, "If you ever see a group of kids acting like fools, get out of there!"  If only I had listened to that advice as a kid. 
  • One thing I've grown tired of is Internet videos of street fights --- the amount of violence (and ignorance) out there is shocking.
  • Big 12 football fans: The conference signed a massive deal with Fox Sports which guarantees that every Big 12 home game will be televised for the next decade.
  • Ever try to practice softball with a Second Grader when a few yards away is a little girls soccer team playing Simon Says? You can only say "Focus!" so many times.
  • Someone speculated that Barry Bonds could be sentenced to eight months home confinement. Heck, I'd volunteer for that. 
  • Every time a president - any president - says he is going to dramatically cut the budget in future years, I'm reminded of the person who says he is going to start a diet on Monday.  Why not start right now?
  • Mav Dancer wardrobe malfunction last night?
  • "She was delivering her grandchild to her ex-husband's stepmother." - A sentence that was actually uttered to me yesterday. 
  • Never a good start when there's a note in the kitchen that reads, "The potty is broken."
  • Yeah, we can all go nuts when a little kid is patted down by airport security, but we'd all go nuts if a plane blew up because a bomb was hidden on a little kid. 
  • For all you conspiracy nuts, here's a college professors investigation into whether Sarah Palin is actually the grandmother of Trig. Did you know she won't produce a birth certificate? Sound familiar?
  • Pete Delkus has already tweeted this morning about afternoon tornadoes and severe storms. He's even using exclamation points!!!