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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Heard this morning that Somali pirates are holding over 700 hostages from 33 ships. Wow.
  • And the Right Wing Talkers were blaming Obama for the death of the four hostages yesterday because "no one fears America anymore." Incredible. 
  • Saw an elderly man in the Wise County Courthouse yesterday sitting in the hallway reading a newspaper. It surprised me what an iconic and unusual sight it was.
  • It's always good to get a call from a prosecutor who says he has some "Brady material." That means: (1) he has learned of some evidence that tends to show my client isn't guilty, and (2) he's honest.
  • Wandered past the Military Channel last night and they had a show on about the battle of Iwa Jima. For me, that's as good as anything on TV. (And I didn't realize how tiny and remote that island was.)
  • Along the World War II lines, the book I read last year about the Bataan Death March, Tears In The Darkness, has really stuck with me. 
  • Whenever I see a map of Libya on the news (and that country might explode any day now), I hear the line, "From the shores of Tripoli."
  • Decatur is getting a second Swap Meet -- the new one being held in the Fall. I've dogged the Swap Meet for years, but it's probably been 20 years since I walked through it. Maybe there would be a little nostalgia if I tried it again and saw some cars from my youth. But probably not. 
  • Viral video yesterday: Cafeteria fight at Alabama State University. 
  • The most important person in the world to the Family Dog is whoever is walking in the house at that very moment. 
  • Heard some didn't get the "updog" reference yesterday. (Explained: "It smells like updog in here." "What's updog?" "Not much, what's up with you?") And, yes, it was a bit on The Office this week.
  • Some school named California Tech had lost 310 conference basketball games in a row - a string that spans 26 years - until last night
  • The Dallas Morning News web site now looks to be about 90% behind a pay wall. That can't possibly work, can it?
  • Of course it is none of our business, but does anyone know what happened to the 25 year old named Jennifer Lynn Toles who is listed in the local obituaries?
  • I made a rare change to the home page the other day by adding links to Facebook and Twitter and deleting meaningless search engines Ice Rocket and  That was about three years too late. 
  • Everyone who sees The King's Speech rant and raves about it. I would never have guessed that.
  • The same reviews laud The Social Network. Now that I predicted. (The first time I heard of Facebook was over six years ago when my niece had signed up for it for her first year of college. I remember being so curious that I made her explain it to me, but back then you couldn't get on it unless you had an .edu email address.)
  • A faithful reader brought by a couple of these stickers which would be great Liberally Lean insignias. But what the heck does the double L really stand for?