The Campaign For DA


Hang On There, Sister

Look at this little schemer!   Some little preschool boy is watching this and thinking "Perfect! I'll let this girl get her really good job and then I'll marry her. And then it'll be me watching cartoons and eating cereal all day while she brings home that thing called money. You know, that stuff that my dad yells at my mom about all the time."

Don't let her fool ya kid. The moment you marry her, BAM!!! She quits. You think you've got this career woman who will give you access to a her big bank account and it turns out you've been had. It's the oldest trick in the book. Just thank goodness I'm here to guide those who will be tomorrow's future.

And, hey, girlie. Knock it off with that "I'll find someone else to marry" stuff. Don't be so cocky. That's the way a girl finds herself living in an apartment with twenty cats to keep her company on Saturday night.