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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The best headline for the balloon boy story that I saw was: "Con Air."
  • Hyperbole to the Nth degree: Any American professional athlete saying, "We shocked the world tonight." Perspective, buddy. Perspective.
  • Denny Crane posted something on his blog that I've distanced from. Makes me tense.
  • Property Fail: Remember when Intel was going to build a gigantic plant at Alliance Airport only to abandon the idea in 2000? Well, it was going to sell the property to a company that was going to develop an indoor ski resort (remember that crazy idea?) but now that's dead. Story.
  • I'm beginning to see some natural gas derricks dot the Wise County horizon but nothing like two years ago.
  • Dumb question: How did a country as unstable as Pakistan ever get The Bomb?
  • I think all the construction on 287 is due to the economic stimulus package proposed by the President That You Love To Hate.
  • The Messenger has always run boring syndicated opinion pieces which no one reads (Do you care about what Dave McNeely or, heaven forbid, Annette Bridges has to say?) If they'd have one of their staff members write one about anything, it would be so much better.
  • I've got the most wheels off friend who is always getting in trouble. I think that's why I like her so much.
  • Uncomfortable commercial: From "Where The Wild Things Are" where the kid tells that monster looking thing, "We can all sleep in the same bed together."
  • The proposed health care reform bill is 1,500 pages. Oh, my.
  • Sports in one bullet point (since I'm trying to cut down): (1) Tech's new QB is out 2-3 weeks which is bad news for Tech, (2) great endings to both baseball games last night, and (3) people are asking if this is the dirtiest play in the NFL in a long time.
  • I don't like jokes. You know, joke jokes.
  • Hey, now.
  • People go out to eat too much.
  • The cattle trailer chase through Wise County was crazy but filing "attempted capital murder" charges against the goofball driver is equally goofy. (They say he swerved at officers.)
  • Viral video: The Japanese Sniper prank. That's just weird. And wrong.
  • I'm proud of myself when I get gas in the evening so I don't have to do it the next morning. I hate getting gas in the morning
  • The guy who wrote the song and lyrics to the Green Acres theme and the Addams Family theme is dead of death.


Anonymous said...

Bart, I'm worried about your inability to relate to people in a sociable way.

Are you contemplating suicide or Banjo lessons?

Anonymous said...

I'm calling you out on the Hey, now pic. That was just a baker's half-dozen of spares, one of which was sticking her back lady business way out. That does not constitute a "Hey, now".

Losing a QB at Tech is not that big a deal. Coach Leach can just reach into his big ol' box-o-QB and pull out another

the Green Acres theme and the Addams Family theme - two of the best earworm TV theme songs ever

Something you may have missed (and apparently FWS-T film critic C. Kelly also) is that all the monsters in the film "Where The Wild Things Are" are extensions of the kid's feelings. He goes to a place and meets all these creatures, but he is actually just looking inside himself and dealing with his emotions.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to look at Denny Crane's link to "it has officially hit the fan"! Wow, this is going to be something else to follow!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Barry, we get it. Getting gas in the morning beats getting gas in the evening.

*'s pic is a woman who appears to have home grown breasts. She could hold up a beer bottle between those things.

Anonymous said...

Decatur/Bridgeport citizens! If you have strong feeling against the bonds in each of your districts you had better get out the vote.

Both administrations/boards are carring the ballot box around to friendly venues so as to influence the vote.

It's not a fair vote, but if you are 'agin-it" you had better get out the vote.

Anonymous said...

She should stick 'em in a Cowboy hat.

Anonymous said...

Good idea to distance yourself from the Crane post.

Scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

Barry, I cant believe you haven't mentioned anything about Jessica Watson, the 16 yr old sailing across the World unassisted. It is pretty amazing! She has a blog you can follow.

Also, there was a great letter to the editor in the WCM this weekend about the bond election in Bport. Very well written and he had done quite the research for his stance. Seriously, makes you rethink the need for athletic facilities when our academics are not up to par. And it is all costing the tax payers. It's almost like a private school...paying for your kids education. The only differnece private schools make your kid graduate not just walk across a stage.

Anonymous said...

really? att cap murder charges? if they didn't try to get next to the apparent inexperienced big rig driver they probably wouldn't have gotten "swerved" at. Where is the video of that? hmm? Ima wise co trooper, i'll shoot ya!

Anonymous said...

Dante Wesley has no business playing football. Pete Rose only gambled, this guy tried to take someones head off.

mzchief said...

* Nothing about athletics is in perspective with REALITY. Think about it.

* The LINK on Denney Crane's blog is one of the most shocking things I have seen locally, on the Interweb. If the author of the blog is really Bishop's daughter, regardless of the veracity of the content, that family has major issues and need professional help. It will be interesting to see what the county does. After all, allegations of criminal behaviour have been PUBLICLY made against a CURRENT elected official.

* It is a good thing the indoor ski slope failed BEFORE it was built because, with a population of 60% over weight or obese, it certainly would have failed.

* You will not see vast increase in the number of rigs until the price of natural gas stays somewhere north of $6.00 MMBtu.

* Pakistan was able to join the Nuke Club due to scientists trained in the U.S., Germany and with the assistance of North Korea. These days, all it takes to become a Nuke Nation is money and determination.

* Wheels off friends are the best to watch just make certain you are not aboard the crazy train when it wrecks.

* ObamaCare is CURRENTLY 1,500 pages of budget busting that no one has read and it is STILL in the Senate and will be bigger when it gets out of the claws of Nutty Nancy in the House.

* I love funny jokes. However, I am a giggle monster. I laugh all the time.

* I hate dining out. The only time I willingly eat out is if it is something I cannot prepare, equally as well, at home.

* Of course "attempted capital murder" charges are being filed against the, stoner, joy riding, cattle rustler so the cops can justify shooting out the tires and having an entire herd of cop cars following the goofball.

* The victim of the Japanese Sniper Prank is ruined for life. Do you think he wet his pants?

To Barry...
Not posting a link to Denney Crane's blog is NOT distancing yourself.

Anonymous said...

I like getting gas any time of the day. Except the people around me dont like me getting gas. I am proud of my gas.

Jack Daniels said...

•Denny Crane post - oh my.

Anonymous said...

Re the Green Acres guy:

I always thought Arnold was an underrated actor. He brought real depth to that role. He could be a bit of a ham, though.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

MOB Darryl - funny.

Other great pig actors.

1. The little brother on "Christmas Story" eating at the dinner table.

2. Babe the pig.

3. Porky pig. Hard not to laugh at a pig that stutters.

4. Ms. Piggy. Cannot stand her, wish for her slaughter.

Thats all folks.

Football guru
4. Piglet - first gay pig.

Anonymous said...

Whenever the grand kids come over,I have them pull the natural gas reflief finger...errrrr I mean valve.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with Denny Crane's blog ,he is informative ,please do not remove him as he has followers who just like to read about current events you don't get anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

B'port PoPo not involved in cattle rustler chase. Too busy with Westside drug busts. Or maybe their 10 speeds couldn't keep up.

Anonymous said...

IT IS TIME for a black on black violence czar. Is that racist?

Anonymous said...

I really do like the way Crane's blogsite looks - very very professional - good color and overall design.

Solid. Classy.

Anonymous said...

I like the black and white police cars a lot.

Anonymous said...

Tech's new QB? I know which one you're talking about, but seriously BG...VA Tech; Louisiana Tech; Georgia TECH or Texas Tech? Personally, I live out here and think it's funny how these people treat that program and how that program treats these people.

Anonymous said...

Off track here but is this blog nominated in Bloggers Choice 09 Awards? If not it should be.

Anonymous said...

Are you getting your pictures at Walmart now??? Can you say 'ugly"

The Black Sheep of the Family said...

Denny's post makes me tense, too, but what else should I do?

Anonymous said...

denny's post... barry you are usually on thing like this like stink on Sh**.... whats up???

RPM said...

I bet someone else is tense about the firebombing. I wonder if Becky Oliver has seen it yet?

Anonymous said...

City and County cops most all adhere to rules when chasing that prohibit shooting at a moving vehicle. These rules are "best practices" throughout the US. Texas DPS, conversely, will shoot at anything that moves, a portion of why they are often rated the most archaic law enforcement agency in the US.

Anonymous said...

how about backing that up with some data, or a link to some data, instead of just throwing it out there?
I contend that a stolen 18wheeler with an alleged DUI behind the wheel is justification for their actions

Anonymous said...

Gawd O Mighty,can you just imagine the Smegma growing between those mega milk bags.

Anonymous said...

3:02. Who's rules. Yours?

Only tid-bits of video was posted BTW.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Black Sheep that is some serios tension.

Best O Luck.

Anonymous said...

tuesday am chick is f'n fuglie..she is absolutely the nastiest looking bitc$$ you've ever is relee goinon..?

Anonymous said...

2:05 I checked out the Thefirebombing. com blog and I am upset too.