Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The New England game in the snow, in October, was cool.
  • But some goof balls will claim that's a sign that Global Warming is a hoax. Hey, it's about the average global temperature raising one degree every 100 years -- not about one day in October.
  • The only entertaining lawyer blogger from Fort Worth says, "Hey, kids, don't be a lawyer." I'm hearing more and more of that.
  • Went back to Flip's on Saturday night. That place is borderline crazy late at night. (I can't describe the guy who had been to a wedding at Fossil Creek golf, experienced an open bar, and was now upset that a guy was "eyeballing" him. Then his buddy showed up who said he was a caddie at the Dallas Country Club.)
  • The spread of Texas/OU was Texas -3.5. Texas won by 3. There is justice in this world after all.
  • Change we can believe in: Federal law makes marijuana possession illegal. A couple of states have legalized marijuana possession for medical purposes. Under the Bush Administration, the Justice Department would arrest and prosecute those under federal law regardless of the medical exception (saying, in a legally correct manner, that federal law trumps state law). But no more: The Obama administration says such a policy is simply stupid.
  • I ran the 5K Sarah's Cure this weekend in Decatur (that's 3.1 miles) in 22:43 and finished 6th of 6th in my age bracket. Who were those five fast old men?
  • Three people died running the half marathon in Detroit this weekend? I'm running a half marathon in December.
  • I bet the stolen cattle trailer chase in Wise County yesterday was bizarre.
  • My favorite UT penalty from Saturday.
  • I'm still digesting the Willingham did-he-kill-his-family-or-not case, but his lawyer (who sounds more like the Sheriff) was on CNN saying his client is a cold blooded killer. I dont expect you to watch all 10 minutes of this youtube video, but please watch the first 48 seconds (it includes a reference to "checking cows" and forgetting the question.) What an embarrassment.
  • Thank goodness for Halloween. That means the Inkernet will receive a new batch of hot girls in hot outfits which makes finding the Random Thoughts girl easier.
  • I watched Southpark for the first time in quite a while the other night. Incredibly shocking.
  • Speaking of Sheriffs, the one in the Balloon Boy case is an idiot. He spends two days saying he's absolutely convinced that the kid's parents were innocent of a scam, and now he says charges will be filed based upon the "non verbal clues" from the Larry King interview. He's like a basket case of Emotional Evidence.
  • The last time Miley Cyrus came to DFW, it was all over the news. I didn't even know she performed at the AAC last night.
  • The most irritating person in the world: Cowboy Martellus Bennett. Never has anyone received so much publicity for so little productivity.
  • A couple of years ago, UT was given the option of sitting on the south side of the stadium at the UT/OU game but declined. I don't know why. The Longhorn crowd has to look back into the sun every year.