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The Evil Empire Becomes Evilererer

The best look is at the 45 second mark. Is that a helmet to helmet hit?


Anonymous said...

Yes it is....well, cept in Austin because heaven forbid a no-rank team beat the mighty longhorns, 2 years in a row. That cost Tech 7 points and probably the game. But Potts showed he's a much better QB than McCoy who had a horrible game against a team that is not supposed to have a defense. McCoy only 200 yards in the air, 5 yards rushing, 1 TD but 2 INTs. Not hardly Heismann caliber. Go Tech, you made us proud and now Potts has arrived. All 3 games over 400 yards in the air and this one against the mighty longhorns. UT is NOT the #2 team in the nation...sorry with it.

Anonymous said...

Yep...even the UT loving commentators thought so! Excellent linebacker but that should've been a penalty for sure!

Anonymous said...

Missed call? I think so.

Sour grapes? Yeah, that too.

Anonymous said...

What, no comment on the Bbears effort against mighty UConn?

Were they playing basketball?

Our class won a Biiiiiible,
Our class won a Biiiiiible,
We don't cuss and we don't chew
and we don't go with girls that dooooooo.

Our class won a Biiiiiible.

Anonymous said...

a Tech fan whose team got beat is telling teasips to "deal with it?!"


Yeah, Potts showed 'em alright!!

and .. until you get to pick the rankings, I guess you can "deal with it!"

Anonymous said...

he also threw the ball twice as many times as McCoy...

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Yeah, threw about twice (almost) as many attempts, completed at a higher percentage against a year after year high ranking recruiting class, and oh yeah, threw half as many interceptions as McCoy. Sorry, McCoy, shoulda went pro last year.

Last year, ut got to number 1 until Tech embarassed them on national tv and for a solid year we all have to endure, "but we dropped an interception that woulda/coulda/shoulda, blah, blah, blah. Cry babies.

Number 2 is as high as ut will get this year cause Oklahoma for sure in a couple of weeks and OSU probably a couple of weeks later will expose that weak defense even more.

Anonymous said...

landry Jones from OU looked better than Mcoy. OU has a lot better defense.

Anonymous said...

A. Great play by Sergio
B. Potts is not that good, he always looks like he is running scared in the pocket.
C. Colt might have had an off game, but if he played like shit and Texas still dominated, what does that say about Tech?
D. F the Raidernation
E. I love you Garry Green

Anonymous said...

McCoy sucks. he is so over rated.

Anonymous said...

All you texas fans still cant get over the fact that Tech beat yall last year. Once again Tech showed that mccoy isnt worthy of the Heismann. Wreck em Tech!

Anonymous said...

Dominated??? Look it up. Yeah, Texas had more points and that's all that counts but look at the stats dipsh!t. More first downs...nope. More passing yards...nope. More total yards...nope. Just more points.

It's shlongs like you that make hating the longhorns so easy. And a dollar to a nickel says you've never even been to a ut game.

Anonymous said...

Perfect form tackle - maybe a bit high; should have put the helmet into his right pectoral and exploded through him. But, yeah, under today's pansy football rules, it was an illegal helmet to helmet shot. Oh well, Potts need to be aware of where pressure is coming from and keep his head on a swivel, or he will lose it eventually. And no penalty flag (nor all the king's men) will put him back together again.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Hilarious when all Tech fans can say is that "Yeah, you beat us, but McCoy looked bad."

Ummm... I think on the schedule it said UT vs TT, not McCoy vs TT.

You got beat. Suck it up and deal with it you crybabies.

Double Fake Darrel Royal

Anonymous said...

At the 32 second mark of the clip I see Tech's #76 holding... (like Tech did all night).

You lost. Stop whining. Go enjoy another year where you pass for 50,000,000,000 yards and aren't in serious contention for a BCS bowl.

Anonymous said...

3:01, 2:51 and 1:43

I go to at least two games a year. Where you get your information I have no idea! Of course, we don't have to go to a game to enjoy it. When you are the Mighty Empire you have the luxury of being able to watch the "Mighty" Empire on television every week. I guess you techsters and bears have to wear your glasses while watching the sports channels so you can see how your team is doing via the sports ticker at the "bottom" of the screen.

Tsk! Tsk! What sore losers yall are. Always excuses...I guess Texas Tech isn't ranked at all because of their "stats"? Hmmm, something just isn't right with this picture!!!

A win is a win and last year is last year. I don't think The Mighty "Empire" has anything to get over. Longhorns get to look forward and leave all the losers behind.

Best thing about Texas Tech is looking in your rear view mirror and seeing it fade away...

GO LONGHORNS! The mighty Orange and White. Better be happy "Texas" has a great team, because come bowl time it would be a complete disappointment if all we had to rely on was Tech and Baylor!

It's people like you who make it really easy to be winners!


Anonymous said...


If you knew anything at all about your commentator would KNOW that Brent "Muffburger" despises Texas..always has. He loves ou and usc. Of course, when you are always eating sour grapes I guess it's hard to pick up on it.

What will be your excuse when The Mighty Empire plays those clawless bears this year, and next year and the next year?

Just sayin!

Anonymous said...

Its funny when people like a team only because they rank in the top 5. 5:20 just get over the fact that we beat texas when they were ranked number one in the nation. It was a complete disappointment when texas choked and wasnt able to go to the national championship game. Too bad we relied on them. Go Red Raiders!

Anonymous said...

I love this debate!

Tech fans are pro Potts and pro big-yardage. They also seem to love that Tech beat UT last year.

Texas fans seem to be happy with winning regardless of passing yards.

As an outsider looking in:
1) Tech won last year.
2) Texas won this year.
3) Texas usually wins, but has only won one National Championship since Nixon was President (Tech has never won a national championship)
4) Neither team likely has a quarterback that will have a professional career to speak of.
5) Every Tech quarterback under Leach will pass for more yards than anyone else--none have had a pro career.
6) Texas has no former QB's playing pro right now.
7) Tech will usually go about 9-3 or 8-4 and go to an average bowl.
8) Texas will usually go about 10-2 or 11-1 and go to a BCS bowl or the Holiday Bowl.
9) Last year's game between the two schools was probably one of the best games between Big XII schools in years.
10) Tech had it's chance to be a national champion (or at least play for it) but lost by 45 points to OU in what was a pretty sad collapse for a school that had just beaten Texas.

Anonymous said...

301: A. You would be wrong, I have been to many UT games.
B. You are a taint and " a dollar to a nickle" I bet you have a porn stash like your boy Potts.

Anonymous said...

607: There are many Texas fans that have been so for many years good or bad. Dont be mad because Tech cant win a Big 12 championship, much less a national championship. There is good news for you though, I assume you live in Wise County so you wont have a far drive to see your Raiders in the Cotton Bowl if they even make that......

Anonymous said...

First, why do you even care why or how anyone else is a fan of anything....?

Does it make your team's loss easier to deal with if, in your envious little world, their fans are somehow illegitimate?

Maybe you can, like the Tech fans above, try to make this about how one QB is better than the other.. (lame).

Or maybe you can just continue to crow about last year's victory over UT.. oops, I see you've already done that...

or maybe you and 3:01 can get together and compare how many games you've been to or some other irrelivant tangents....

you need some therapy.

Anonymous said...


Needed the win to go bowling!


Anonymous said...


No, its funny when all a pass-happy second tier school can brag about is their win last year. Texas contends year in and year out for a national 'ship. Tech throws for a billion and never seriously contends. Which one draws more fans? Duh.

T-Shirt Fan... the only comeback a losing school can fire back with...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am a Longhorn class of '90 and quite frankly Tech showed some of our weakness, luckily it is all something we will fix and end the year a contender if not champs. Potts took the hit and did not cry about it, class act.

Anonymous said...

In the Texas/Texas Tech game at one point a Texas player went out of bounds, returned in bounds and downed a punt within the Tech's 5 year line. The officials never saw it. They made the difference in the game...tough loss for the Tech fans. Oh well, those are academic colleges aren't they?

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to bet that most of you fans of the Evil Empire never attended there and probably never even went to college anywhere - you can berate my Raiders when you've graduated from tu. . . . or anywhere else

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:23, he would have McCoy's baby if he could. What rock have you been living under?

Real Longhorn said...

Tech, first off, WE'RE NOT RIVALS!

You'll need to win a little more often than once every six years to be a rival. We'll be rivals when WE say we are. Until then, you're just another game on the schedule and Saturday's game is a W for us.

Potts looked great. McCoy looked below average. McCoy should not be in any Heisman discussion based on his play Saturday. If Potts plays that well all year, you have a chance for a really good season. But, you'd better stop worrying about UT and take care of Houston this weekend.

I've seen all the games between Tech & UT in the Leech/Brown era and most of them are offensive track meets ending up in a Texas win...just like this one.

So, no surprises. Texas wins. We're on track for a BCS Bowl. I've already booked the flight to Pasadena.

Hook 'Em!

Anonymous said...

9:15 - Oh brother! Isn't that what the tt fans were accusing Texas of last year, one play would've changed the game? Isn't this called "hipocrosy"?

Yes, Tech prevented the Horns from going undefeated last year. Do you feel better now? We've gotten over it and moved on. Why can't you? Oh - silly me, that's the only game you can actually brag about! I'm sorry, I forget.

9:24 - In what crystal ball are you looking? I went to college, and even if I didn't, that doesn't deny anybody's rights to support any team. Most people just enjoy supporting a "winning" team. I guess you are insinuating that you can't be a fan of a team unless you have a degree? I've heard it all now!

Anonymous said...

9:24 Are you a Cowboys fan? Wait, you cant cheer for them because I know you havent played there and arent in the front office.... Does that make sense? By the way, only going one year doesnt make you a raider!

Anonymous said...

I didnt see Texas in the Big 12 game either (Tech took care of that) so what's your point? I don't know why you assume I live in wise county because I dont but good try...Not! Actually I went to the Gator bowl (in Florida) so it was far away. And Tech won so shut up.

Texas didnt do much contending for the national championship last year. Tech took care of that. T-shirt fan? Ha! Not even close. I was born a Tech fan.

To actually be a fan you have some affiliation to that school and not just some immature thought of liking a team that ranks high just to make yourself feel good. Most likely all these so called Texas fans have no connection to the University itself. Lame!

Anonymous said...


One of the beautiful things in our country is that I can be a fan of whoever the F%$# I want for no apparent reason.

When Tech REQUIRES you to show your alumni card to prove your status as a fan before selling you a ticket, a t-shirt, or one of those cute little double T's for your bumper, you can come back and try this incongruent, dysfunctional logic string again..

Until then, you're full 'o crap!

Face it dude, it just doesn't float..

Anonymous said...

I never said you were "required to show your card." You're full of crap, poser

Anonymous said...

122, Maybe you need a cookie for going to Tech..? How can you say and I quote "To actually be a fan you have some affiliation to that school and not just some immature thought of liking a team that ranks high just to make yourself feel good" but later say you were born a Tech fan??? Damn, thats pretty early for college. You should put your Guns Up...your a$s!

Anonymous said...

Love the "T-Shirt Fan is for loser" comments...

Everyone loves a winner. And jumps on the bandwagon.

Guess which wagon is bigger?

Go console yourself with the "puriTTy" of your fandome.

Anonymous said...


I never quoted you as saying "required to.."

You said, "To ACTUALLY BE A FAN you have some affiliation to that school .."

So I guess the tens of thousands of people (who have no "affiliation" with Tech) who've spent millions of dollars on Tech tickets, t-shirts, and double T's have been duped into only THINKING they're fans and they really aren't...

..and YOU ARE because you paid tuition..


dude you picked a bad day to quit sniffing glue.

You are officially STILL full 'o crap!

Anonymous said...

Are you still talking about that? Dang get a life.