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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Can you imagine if the Cowboys had opened the stadium last night on Monday Night Football with the left-outside-Party-Passers stuck in the thunderstorm?
  • Speaking of the thunderstorm, I have no idea how it missed Decatur around 6:00 yesterday but it looked like Bridgeport got very, very wet.
  • The new Fox 4 morning gal is a Baylor graduate. Yeah, it's only Day Two but she better loosen up in a hurry.
  • Fox 4's Dan Henry lost his mind last night saying DFW had the potential for "80 to 90 mile per hour winds."
  • If you want to see Tom Delay perform on Dancing With The Stars, here ya go. Awk. Ward.
  • One kid runs a go cart into another kid at Texas Motor Speedway, so the Speedway is ordered to pay $11.4 million. (Cue "Little Pink Houses For You And Me")
  • I took some heat about posting the pics of the lady fainting in the courtroom last week. I agree with one of the comments: It wasn't the pictures that upset people, it was the captions that appeared to be a bit too flippant.
  • There's a new Movie Tavern opening up on W. 7th in Fort Worth? And if you haven't driven that stretch of 7th between downtown and University, you'll be amazed. (Link is to "Hawkeye's" blog from KSCS who I haven't listened to in 10 years, but remember him to be funny.)
  • OK, I've got to update my blog list over to the right since Anobiter and Jarhead have reportedly fled to Rio together. I've deleted them and added Crazy Texas Mommy (who has no Wise County connection but has earned a double fake exception because she's funny.) There were a couple of other local blogs you guys mentioned yesterday, but I'm open to suggestions.
  • Prosecutors across the state of Texas are headed to Corpus Christi right now for their annual seminar. After they get all worked up about convicting people, they always celebrate with a free kegger on Friday night with a live band. (And I'm not making that up.)
  • I think I heard Fall begins today. At least the weather cooperated. And then I powered down when I saw it was going to be 90 again this weekend.
  • The Texas Rangers are in dire financial straits (sp) so what happened last night was weird: They allowed Kevin Millwood to pitch, he reached 180 innings for year, and that activated a clause in his contract that guarantees him $12 million next year. For perspective, that's 16% of this year's payroll.
  • TCU had a female official, Sarah Thomas, working their football game last Saturday night. I've never seen that before.
  • The Ticket talked about the death of the Boyd pastor and his wife yesterday afternoon, and they assumed that it was murder/suicide. Sheesh.
  • What exactly is the objective in Afghanistan and how exactly does the mission "fail" if we don't send in more troopers?
  • I continue to believe the 9/11 was the result of the equivalent of gang members. It's hard to declare war on a gang.


AnObiter said...
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Kip said...

Afghanistan was never "the good war" to me. Countless invaders have tasted bitter defeat there. So will we. You can't bomb a country into submission (it cost too much and it is morally wrong). We are propping up a president that steals elections, this will hurt our already questionable reputation with the locals. It is a backward country not worth the money or lives to subdue it.

We give money to Pakistan, which supports it's ISI, which gives money to the Taliban, which fights us. Sounds like a dream situation for the industro-military complex, but yet more than a few readers here will think it's about or freedom. Sad.

Anonymous said...

are you shitting me or what..? it's not hard to declare war on a gang..the u s has done that many times, ie:KKK, MAFIA, Hells Angels, Ft. Worth Gangs etc...WTF..???

Anonymous said...

I probably would not hire you, butt I wood hire your maid!

Anonymous said...


"What exactly is the objective in Afghanistan and how exactly does the mission "fail" if we don't send in more troopers?"

To kill or capture as many potential terrorists, Taliban and Al Quida, as possible.

If we fail, the Taliban may take over again, running the country, and allowing terrorists to again train in their country.

More troops on the ground means more guns with which to kill potential terrorists.

>I continue to believe the 9/11 was the result of the equivalent of gang members. It's hard to declare war on a gang.<

Well, they declared war on us. They have proven to be adept at killing Americans. So we might want to take that into consideration, concerning our level of interest. Doncha think?

There are two billion Muslims in the world. About five percent are thought to closely follow sharia law. At least that many are devout Wahhabists. Perhaps half of those are crazy enough to want to actually kill infidels for their "cause".

A few million crazies. Hell of a "gang".

Wahhabism has been around longer than the US has been a country. They "declared war", a fatwa against the west, and western culture, well over two hundred years ago.

Now that is a gang with staying power.

Their targets at that time were Britain, Portugal, Spain, etc. Their mission was to keep western culture at bay, and keep strict fundamental Muslim teachings intact. This is the advent of sharia law.

At that time, they had mainly sticks and rocks to use as weapons. Mainly rocks. And sand to throw in the eyes and such. Not much to worry about.

But one thing "western" they do not mind, is technology. As they were able, they acquired more and better weapons. They dearly wish for a nuclear device.

Along comes the oil industry, and great wealth pouring into the area, especially Saudi, where Wahhabism was started. As you can imagine, with that much wealth, some found it's way to the extremists.

They found better things to use than sticks and rocks and sand.

If there is one thing concrete established over the life of this crap, it is that they do not negotiate about anything. There is only fundementalist Muslim culture. Anything else that comes in their field of visions must die.

They have made it absolutely clear; you can convert to this radical form of Islam, or you can die. Normal Muslims, the west, anyone. Those are your options.

Over the last two hundred years, the only tactic that has been shown to be effective in stopping them, is to kill them.

Please learn from history.

Anonymous said... that a random chick? Or does she have a name......she's effin gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I love Crazy Texas Mommy and the pics of the chick fainting at the Courthouse. Cool!

Anonymous said...

We are thinking Tom Delay is less awkward that you or me would be.

Kip is wrong about the current military conflicts, we are not propping anyone or any policy up. We are choosing our own no strategy way lead by someone who has no clue about leadership and even less war against religious zealots that he identifies with.

Anonymous said...

On the War: Did anyone else watch Charlie Wilson's War? Anyone else remember the end where old Charlie said, " we need to spend money in Afghanistan on schools so that the children understand we helped them win against Russia" and the geniuses in Washington said NO. Think old Charlie is dancing around going I told you so I told you so I told you so?

On the female official at TCU--just saw an article about her in a magazine recently. She went to a meeting with a friend and started reffing.

Anonymous said...

It's your sandbox Bart,shift the blame to everyone one else if it makes you feel good.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your new Fox 4 gal looks like the actress, Busy Phillips...yep, that's her name...she is now on Cougar Town with Courtney Cox, look her up, see what ya think.

Anonymous said...

The hypocricy of the comment questioning the further build-up of troops is that any time this comment was made before the election, it contained scathing reference to the sitting president who never represented his intentions any different than what you saw. Why aren't you going ballistic on the current POTUS that won the election by lying about this very thing. If you are such a pure liberal, then explain why this administration isn't accused of the same war crimes, just a different country?

Anonymous said...

Monday Night Football (foobaa), stuck in a thunderstorm, whatever - there's no excusing drunk and disorderly conduct with a party pass. I'll reiterate my comment from yesterday that they're more interested in the "party" part of it

Your predictions of a rainstorm of biblical proportions in B'port did not come to pass, least not at my house

Aside from the yes/no of it, it's TROOPS in Afghanistan, not troopers (as in highway patrol). Unless, Guv'ner Perry has decided that the Afghan border is a problem for the citizens of Texas now too. I know, he sent in the Rangers, not DPS troopers, but they're from the same agency.

The Rangers (no - now we've moved on to the sporty Rangers) will take a hit on Millwood's contract next year, but they would have caught lots of flak if they had kept him out of the rotation to avoid his reaching the clause activation. But they would have been justified - he's been awful for a couple of months. Besides, is he even going to be a part of this team next year? We've got lots of young talent and he's about done for his career, as a starter anyway.

I don't understand all the haters commenting about Jarhead and other blogs going to invitation only. Weren't all these people the kind that DON'T want to hear what those bloggers have to say?And that doesn't exclude them (Jarhead, etal) from commenting here. What's the big deal?

Random Tuesday Morning TV Thoughts: Special Edition
Last night I saw something on Conan calling itself Lynyrd Skynyrd. But it really wasn't. I suspect that the real Skynyrd, or what was left of it, had become the undead Skynyrd.Iwantedto drive a stake through its heart, if it had one. But I just turned the TV off instead. I doubt that it poses a danger (except to the ears), but it should probably be avoided as a precaution

Triple Fake Professor Van Helsing

Anonymous said...

The goal of the war in Afghanistan is not to bomb it into submission or to prop up their president. The goal is to defeat al-Qaida.

Do we need more troops there? Obama has not decided, and won't decide for a while, probably not until at least November. Rather than make a snap decision, he is talking to his advisors and taking time to weigh the issues. But he understands that this war is important, is directly related to the 9/11 attacks, and has significant immediate impact on the safety of America. Unlike the Iraq war (which appears to be finally winding down!).

Anonymous said...

Crazy Texas Mommy = too dang wordy, won't be reading all that stuff...short posts are best, unless, of course, it's your "Random Thoughts" postings, I DO like those :)

Anonymous said...

Get another Mommy blog on the blogroll Barry. Your lady readers might want a little variety.

Anonymous said...

The "gangs" you mention are all indigenous to the US. A little easier to wage war on than the one mentioned. Is your solution to send the Fort Worth Police Gang Task Force to Afghanistan?

Try to refrain from just typing crap that pops up in your head, and at least read whay you've written before hitting "publish". That junk you wrote makes absolutely no sense

Kip said...

The only way we will ever defeat al-Qaeda is with love, not bullets. Charlie Wilson was right. If we would not have abandoned Afghanistan after the USSR left, the Taliban would not be the force it is today. If the US would have spent less than one percent of the current war budget on Mosques and schools then, the country would be ours.

Hamid Karzai is absolutely a puppet of the US government. He joins a long list of corrupt rulers in the Middle and far East that the US supports and props up. Note to all you freedom loving 'merikans. They don't hate us for our freedom, they hate us because we support iron-fisted dictators and for our love and unabashed support of Israel.

Anonymous said...

BG, dont forget to mention the young father who died yesterday in a car accident. Tobi Moss, he left behind his young wife and 4 young kiddos. They attend Boyd Elementary. Very heartbreaking.He was driving to work, and hit a cow.

Anonymous said...


>The only way we will ever defeat al-Qaeda is with love, not bullets... Note to all you freedom loving 'merikans. They don't hate us for our freedom, they hate us because we support iron-fisted dictators and for our love and unabashed support of Israel.<

Please, please do some research on history. You are wrong.

They do not care about our "love". They have a single purpose: For the entire population of the world to live under fundemental Islam, sharia law. In their minds, that will take care of everything.

>They could not care less about our support for any leaders. They do not like ANY currrent leaders. They want all leaders to lead by sharia law. That is it.

They do hate us for our support of Isreal. But then, they want all Jews dead. Period. Do you want that?

If you read the over two hundred years history of Wahhabism, attempts at negotiation, etc, you will find there is no other answer than to kill them, or be killed.

They have a single purpose, and we must also.

Anonymous said...

I was afraid that you were heading to Rio also. I enjoyed reading Aniboter's blog because she reviewed movies. Oh well Crazy Texas Mommy is someone that I can relate to.

Anonymous said...

Barry, in mocking the $11.4 million verdict to the boy who was injured at Texas Motor Speedway, you left out the most important information: according to the now-14-year-old boy's neurosurgeon, he suffered serious brain damage and "will never live independently and will need help with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing and eating."

You can bet the boy's family won't be wasting that money on photos of their son going to the prom, playing sports, graduating from high school or college, getting married or having kids.

How much brain damage would you be willing to incur for $11.4 million?

So much for your alleged liberal bias.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to mock the boy's injuries, but it seems the one with the most insurance is the one most at fault. That's not right in my book. His parents should have supervised him more closely in my opinion.(or a**hole as everyone has one)

Anonymous said...

I will miss the two blogs but I enjoy reading South 40....

Anonymous said...

That evil race track MADE that poor defenseless boy drive a race car!

Anonymous said...

I would lick her toes.

Candance said...

Thanks for adding me to the blogroll. I don't know what a double fake exception is, but I'm stoked that I got it for being funny!!


Oh yeah, the story about the Boyd couple broke my heart. So, so sad!

Anonymous said...

I can't find your weather alert Tweeter link, we'z enjoy weather talk.

Dorothy and the girls at the Cut N' Curl

Anonymous said...

i have tried and tried to think of a bigger 'crook' or morally bankrupt person than tom delay but i cant.
what a sad statement for texas.
i thought he was in jail.

Anonymous said...

11:50, Think Henry Cisneros.

Anonymous said...

11:31 --

The boy who was injured was not driving a kart; he was struck by another boy who's kart went out of control. If the Speedway invited people to pay money and have birthday parties there, and if it provided the eguipment( and it did both), it could have thrown in some supervision, too, instead of just relying on releases of liability to insulate itself (the jury found the releases didn't apply).

Tarrant County is not known for runaway plaintiff's verdicts in the way that some south Texas counties (and Johnson County) are, so the jurors must have been convinced by the evidence that TMS was at fault (80% according to the article).

Kip said...

Anon 9:56,

I am not naive enough to think that there are not extremist in the world. I agree that there are people who want force their religious views on others. That being said, let's not give the extremist any help.

9:56, most people in the world want the same thing you do. Most people will never realize their dreams. If you corner a person, he will fight. A typical villager in rural Asia doesn't have many choices in life and if his kid gets his arm blown off by playing with a cluster bomb, he probably will hate the US.

If we would have befriend the 95% of the good people of Afghanistan, they would have taken care of the 5% religious nuts.

And if you want to fight Wahhabism, invade Saudi Arabia. Indecently, the Wahhabi cult grew as it is today because they built schools and feed poor people that were ignored by their own leaders, leaders we prop up. It sucks to look up at a palace to see some fat ass strutting around when you don't have food for your kids.

Anonymous said...

11:52 well i did think of ken lay and b. madoff, but tom delay is still big winner.

RPM said...

Thanks, Barry! I guess my check finally cleared the bank.

Anonymous said...

Nice rain in Bport for the last 2 hours. I likey!

Anonymous said...


You simply do not understand. You are looking at things from a secular perspective. They look at EVERYTHING from their religious perspective. Radical Islam trumps all. Food, shelter, any comfort does not matter.

These folks will gladly give their lives for their religion. They will NOT change if you are nice to them. Please realize this.

"If you corner a person, he will fight."

They fight to realize their religious goals. Being cornered does not matter.

"A typical villager in rural Asia doesn't have many choices in life and if his kid gets his arm blown off by playing with a cluster bomb, he probably will hate the US.<

If he is a Wahhabist, he will already hate the US, for no other reason than his cleric told him to do so.

"If we would have befriend the 95% of the good people of Afghanistan, they would have taken care of the 5% religious nuts."

Ah geez. That is the goal. But you will not be able to befriend the 5%. We must make it hurt more to screw with us, than they can stand. And history has proven they can stand a lot.

If you can actually convince the 95%, which we are trying to do; and you can get them to kill the 5%, which we are trying to do, THEN you can have success. This worked in Iraq, for the most part. And that is the goal.

>And if you want to fight Wahhabism, invade Saudi Arabia.<

Excellent point, and idea.

>Indecently, the Wahhabi cult grew as it is today because they built schools and feed poor people that were ignored by their own leaders, leaders we prop up. It sucks to look up at a palace to see some fat ass strutting around when you don't have food for your kids.<

May be true for a lot of the radicals. But mainly, it is simply what is taught to them in the Madrasas. If radicalism is all you know, then that is what you follow.

Remember, this has been going on for longer than the US has been a country. Through many political leaders, many changes over the region, on and on.

It has grown to the current level through teaching. NOT because of any quality of life issues.

We were not in the middle or far east before WWII. Look at what the Wahhabist did at that time, and for Hitler. Eyes open.

wordkyle said...

1150 - Ronnie Earle was able to finally get a grand jury indictment of Delay after several other grand juries refused to do so, but Delay has not been brought to trial nor has he been convicted of a crime. BG said it very well himself a few days ago: Beware of a crazed prosecutor. (Note: Here's a pretty good summary of the Delay case.)

Anonymous said...

I'll vouch for the prosecuters having a real good time down in Corpus, my parents look forward to that seminar every year. My Dad now being a former DA.

Anonymous said...

War is wrong, no matter what the reason, in my book. Never an excuse for killing our boys for some stupid 3rd world regime. It's a joke that is has ANYTHING to do with 9/11. It has to do with $$$$ and pride and an unwillingness to admit we made a mistake, both stupid motivations for killing our kids. I didn't support Nam and I'll never support any other war....period.

Anonymous said...


So just let them kill the general populace, unabated?


Or is it OK to kill 3000 of us, or so, but no more?

Or is it OK to kill a million of us or so, but no more?

Their clerics have given them "permission" to kill 10 million US citizens. They plan to do it. Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Kip - great posts.


Anonymous said...

Crazy Texas Mommy is hilarious, and reminds me of the writing style of the Sweet Potato Queen books by Jill Connor Browne, which are my most fav books ever when I need a real laugh.

Anonymous said...

1:23. The US sending troops to fight other people's battles for them has nothing to do with our lives in the US. If they want to kill each other, who cares? Let 'em kill each other....I won't miss them.

Jarhead said...

Wow. I've been getting lots of press here lately.

I'm happy to see that I'm still fresh in your minds and I continue to be a thorn in so many sides.

Looks like people are still as angry, petty, jealous and cowardly as ever.

Stay classy!

That is all.

Carry on.

P.S. If you have the means, which most of you probably don't, I certainly recommend Rio.

P.P.S. Anobiter says "hello"!

Anonymous said...

12:37, Those are great emamples of democrat thugs. Here is another one for you to think of. Jim Wright.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason you're called Jarhead.

Anonymous said...

Your new bloggers are great!!
Anobiter was kinda boring, but Jarhead was amusing(in a Richie Rich sorta way).
To Jarhead:
Friends may come
And friends may go
Friends may peter-out you know
But we'll be friends
Thru thick or thin
Peter-out on Peter-in.


The Accomplice said...

I love blogadelphia by combat kevin. You should add him.

Anonymous said...

Like somewhere out there different

RPM said...

Blogadelphia is definitely worth the time to read.

Thanks for the money order Kev!

Anonymous said...

"What exactly is the objective in Afghanistan and how exactly does the mission "fail" if we don't send in more troopers?
I continue to believe the 9/11 was the result of the equivalent of gang members. It's hard to declare war on a gang."

And you make fun of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck? Dude you are chugging the kool-aid so hard you're gonna risk having your Obama blinders fall clean off your face. You have totally lost touch with reality. (It will be illustrated in your own mind when you read this post and automatically assume I'm a right wing Republican)

You'll have a fleeting thought of "Oh my god! What if he's right? Then you'll say to your self, "No, I'm going to post his comment anyway, just to show my followers I'm an open-minded progressive." Then all will be right in your world of tangerine trees and marmalade skies.

Anonymous said...

Jarhead...........become public againnn!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kegger at the prosecutor's party can't top the annual Texas Probation Officers conference. What happens in Austin stays in Austin (motto of all the married ones).

Anonymous said...

Think quick (ly). All water, gas, electricity, radio, TV, internet, fire, police, and Ems services disappear in a gigantic worldwide calamity. How many of you will survive even a week? How many have the bells and the wherewithal to shoot or otherwise repel marauding gangs? How many of you can kill to eat? Or find wood? or even know how to burn it to eat and stay warm? How many can even think three days into the future without your creature comforts?

Answer: less than 20% of you will make it. Good. The species needs you to disappear for its long-term viability.

Half-Baked Charles Darwin

Anonymous said...

Hard to declare war on a gang? Word on the street is every gang in New York is looking for that "Real live bunch from Coney" known as The Warriors.

Anonymous said...

Your endless random thoughts are a general drag on society. Break em up a bit. Some people actually have a life

Anonymous said...

7three7, probably no one will assume you are a Right Wing Republican. At least we know you don't drink the Kool-Aid. Hell, you jab a straw in your right nostril and snort straight from the pack. Just like Mz. Jar, DC, WK, many anon's, etc....... If it feels Right-Wing Kool-Aid good, do it! However, Limbaugh has to have a little harder stuff to get Right-Wing high. Right-Wing blinders are like lasik eye surgery, permanent biased results for seeing the situation clearly.