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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Beer theft at a Baylor game (link is to a guy taking photos of a gal caught in the act on Saturday.) Edit: Sheesh. They took the post down. Edit (again): Someone grabbed a couple of the pics before the link was taken down.
  • A guy or guys snuck into the Wade Phillips post-game press conference last night and asked him if he missed Jessica Simpson. That was an ender.
  • Shocking and shockingly random: There are only two district courts in Waco to handle criminal cases.
  • Football for Wise County high schools is not-a-good this year.
  • Someone told me that Tech quarterback Tyler Potts looks 35 years old.
  • I had a rare "I love my life" moment after jogging on Saturday morning and then walking around the block to cool off.
  • Went to Bone Daddy's in Grapevine on Saturday. I like that place. But does every girl under 30 have a tattoo?
  • Fox 4's morning show debuted Megan Henderson's replacement this morning. I'm not sure what I think about her.
  • John Madden and George Bush sat together at the Cowboy game last night. I would have liked to have heard that chit chat. Or not.
  • I think Cowboys Roy Williams is spare, but he sure does block down field.
  • There were reports this morning that a ton of folks who bought the "party pass" to the Cowboys game did not even get to go into the stadium but had to watch the game on the big screens outside. That's just strange -- something has to be going on.
  • Although the judges on the Texas Supreme Court are elected (how silly), as soon as Gov. Perry makes his next appointment to fill a currently vacant seat, it will make six of the nine judges that have originally began their seat on their court by appointment.
  • Wade Phillips has a new act: He no longer cheers on the sideline after a touchdown or a field goal. I'll bet money that he has consulted with a PR guy.
  • About those attendants that take your money to park around Cowboys Stadium: If you're Jerry Jones, how do you prevent them from robbing you blind?
  • The interception that went off Jason Witten's foot last night was bizarre.
  • No offense to the the Evil Empire, but your home crowd of 90,000+ is the quietest bunch of 90,000 people I've ever seen.
  • The Cowboys have the "Rhythm & Blues Dancers" (read: strippers who don't strip) dancing on platforms above the crowd?
  • And 41 people were arrested at the Cowboy game for Public Intoxication? Wow.


Anonymous said...

My theory is that folks who buy the party pass are more interested in the "party" part of it than in the "pass", so it's all good to them. Besides, did you see the shot of the party porch or whatever they call it? They were at least 4-5 deep and only the first couple of rows could have possibly seen and enjoyed the game

Wade did cheer after the Giants' missed field goal. That's weird when he cheers their fail and has no reaction when his team scores, but I guess it's a start. His reaction after score/non-score is that of an excited four year old

I also commented to somebody that I thought Taylor Potts looked really old. Must be all that facial hair. And Colt McCoy looks like Rick Schroeder in his younger days, especially when his face is all mashed up inside his helmet. And Potts looked like Dish...they could reenact Lonesome Dove, get Bevo stirring, drive him up north...
"How far is it up north, Cap'n Call?"

I'm just sayin'

Anonymous said...

There were 101,000 people at the Longhorns game Saturday night. (and they all had seats)

Anonymous said...

Not ALL girls under 30 have tats, because my daughter doesn't, but unfortunately, the majority do. I think it's disgusting and cheap. On the other hand, aren't you a bit old to be checkin' out girls under 30?

Anonymous said...

That's one ugly, beer stealing woman. Bad day for that frat boy.

Anonymous said...

BEER theft link not working

just saying

Anonymous said...

I mentioned the same thing to my wife about the strippers on platforms.

Or maybe they are doing a remake of Laugh-In.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wise Co. Animal Shelter for using to advertise those sweet animals that are looking for a home. We adopted one a week ago and love him dearly! If you are looking for a companion or a playmate, check out the shelter and save a life. There are MANY more animals there than you will see on this webpage:

Shelter is located about 150 yards behind the last entrance to the Sheriff's Posse grounds. Turn left (like you are going to the dump) and the shelter is down that road approx 50 feet.

Kip said...

Miss bye-a-vowel newsreader looks kinda manly.

Kip said...

The Death star is huge. It is so cavernous that it sucks noise out of the air. I went to a soccer match there and noticed how stifling the acoustics seemed. I can only imagine how it responded with full capacity. I've been to Reliant in Houston(roof both open and closed) and did not notice this feeling. The death star just doesn't feel right.

Anonymous said...

"No offense to the the Evil Empire, but your home crowd of 90,000+ is the quietest bunch of 90,000 people I've ever seen"

BG - Didn't know you could "see" quiet...Were you at the game? I was and I couldn't hear anything but the noise of the crowd! BTW there were 102,000 fans at the game on Saturday.

What else are yall gonna whine about regarding the Horns? Would you like some cheese with that wine? Never seen such whinebags.

I'm sure "Baylor" will be glad to see the horns come to town, since it will be their biggest revenue game of the year. It most likely will be the only sell-out of the season. Too bad all 102,000 Texas fans won't be able to attend in such a tiny stadium at baylor. The Baylor administration won't be whining when they are counting their loot after the "The Evil Empire" rears its profitable face at the Bears' house. Glad we can help ya out!


Anonymous said...

Mike Holmgren

Anonymous said...

As somebody that is older than BG, I have to say that one is never too old to be checking out girls under 30. If they're legal and attractive, so what? The fact that some people raise their eyebrows matters not. The only difference when you get older is that your range gets wider, and the over 40 (sometimes over 50) set suddenly becomes more attractive...well, some of them, anyway. Trust me, Barron, it'll happen. Won't you still be ogling Britbrit when she hits the big 4-0? Hmmmmm?

I also made comment during the "Rhythm & Blues Dancers" portion of the game. I thought "Hey, they've got cage dancers - minus the cages!" And all the gals on those platforms were under thirty! They probably should be in cages, for safety's sake. Wait til OSHA gets hold of that footage!

Madden and Bush:
"Uh, this guy's going this way, and that guy's going that way, and...BAM! (As he draws on the back of the guy's head in front of them)
"I kept telling folks that 'trickeration' was a real word. Now who's lookin' like the dummy? Heh heh!"

Triple Fake Frank Caliendo

Anonymous said...

Why are all Longhorn fans such jerks?

Anonymous said...

Megan's replacement is not cute like Megan was.

Anonymous said...

As the football guru, here are obvious facts.

Teasipper are an easily offended, spoiled bunch who will whine mightily when you step out of line.

As a baylor fan, how dare you question noise. Silly bubear, if Mack needs noise, he will raise his staff and part the sea. Then he will direct his attention to his sullen kingdom and flames will fly from his eye (the right one that winks all the time) and smite the whicked, non responsive fandom. The remaining teasips will rise to his greatness and emit a loud and long whiiiiiiine until gabriel blows his horn.

Tech fans are, well tech fans. They have an affinity for lubbock, and think throwing red drink and totilla are part of the college football experience. They have lightingn in a bottle with Leach, but he has been trying to leave for the past 3 years, just that he is to wierd for any of the major colleges to gamble on. He will leave after this year becuase its LUBBOCK and everyone leaves LUBBOCK.

Football guru

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

"North is not a place, 9:00am, its a direction."


Anonymous said...

10:00 Football guru:

You obviously didn't graduate from Baylor...or maybe you did...certainly didn't attend many of those english or grammar classes did you? Pretty obvious by your statements above. LOL :)

I have to agree with you on this one..Mack probably could part the Sea, walk on water and heal the tech fans and baylor fans' envy. I'll talk to him and see if he will grant you forgiveness!


Anonymous said...

Jail. Bait.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else catch the Longhorn fan at the UT-Tech game flipping the bird?

Mr Honcho and I were all "Did he just...?" "Did you see...?

The guy was very nonchalant, munching on some game snackage, while everybody else in that section was cheering wildly. Bizarre

Anonymous said...

How do you prevent Jerry Jones from robbing all of his taxed fans?

Anonymous said...


Yea we saw it. We rewinded it on the DVR 2-3 times to make sure our eyes weren't deceiving us. LOL!
That was hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I too have left Lubbock...several times. But it's where I find myself today and shitty as you may think, it's really a good place. There are a lot of like minded people here...and we stay because we don't have to put up with people....oh say, like YOU!

Goober said...

The cruelest fact of all is that "Arkansas" Jones wasn't one of the 41 arrested. Of all of the obscenities that exist in the metromess, that monstrosity has to head up the list.

Anonymous said...

...speaking of tatoos...

Anonymous said...

tim tebow

Anonymous said...

was I the only one watching the game last night that saw Jerry Jones with his finger in his nose?

Anonymous said...

They ain't called tea-sips at UT for nuthin'.

Anonymous said...

During the Fla/Tenn game they played one of those promos touting the schools of the SEC. Here's how it broke down. It was an animated deal, with signposts of each school showing their logo and a blurb about the greatness of each:
Bama - Discovering how zinc impacts infant mortality levels (impressive)
Arkansas - invented the wide-area barcode reader (I buy stuff)
Auburn - Leader in wireless engineering (cell phones rule!)
UGA - Probing the secrets of longevity (They said LONGevity!)
LSU - Pioneering genomic/cryogenic research for disease prevention (blahblahblah)
Vanderbilt - Building the bionic arm of the future (We can rebuild him...we have the technology)
Ole Miss - Developing new treatments for cancer and malaria (sick people - ewww!)
Kentucky - reducing greenhouse gas emissions (tree huggers!)
Miss State - Providing new solutions to creating alternate fuels (see Kentucky/probably dating Kentucky)
So Carolina - Global leader in creating hydrogen fuel cell apps (you and Miss State and Ky will all be very happy together after the wedding in Vermont)
Tenn - Home of the world's most powerful academic supercomputer (egghead nerds)
Florida - Birthplace of Gatorade
Bingo! We have a winner! Invented a sports drink that's slightly better than water. Plus, provided a crucial plot point for the movie Idiocracy. Genius! Bravo Gators, you are the MIT of the SEC, in the penis-like dangling appendage of the South.
Babies, old sick people, geno-cryo-whatzit...get real you loser schools! Gatorade!

Anonymous said...

Bone Daddy's = House of Skank

Anonymous said...

I saw J Dog Jones last night with his hand in everyone's pocket.

Casual Observer said...

Ol Jones was doing some SERIOUS booger pickin."Fifty bucks says he eats it."

Double fake Caddyshack

RPM said...

Good news Barry, You can get your Megan Henderson fix on Ch. 33!

Anonymous said...

The pic makes me want some Neapolitan ice cream