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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I know we've got the youngest Mayor in the state (23 year old J.D. Clark of Chico), but I'm also told that Newark has a 95 year old city councilwoman.
  • Overheard two days ago from one mother to another: "Kindergarten graduation is retarded."
  • "But when Karen, 19, first moved from Colombia to Irving 10 years ago, she spoke no English and had to repeat the third grade at J.O. Davis Elementary, where she started out in bilingual classes" Today she is the Valedictorian of Irving MacArthur High School. (Her brother is the Salutatorian.)
  • Good idea for the Messenger: Track down Wise County Valedictorians from 10+ years ago and find out what they are doing now.
  • I'm halfway considering driving down to the State Track Meet. Added bonus: Texas and TCU are playing in the NCAA Baseball Playoffs in Austin this weekend as well. But I'll probably not do it.
  • A football note you don't care about: The Baylor v. Wake Forest game will be an ABC regional game on opening weekend. Baylor hasn't been an ABC regional game (much less a national game) since 1997. That's sad. (And I still have my unused ticket to that 1997 game where Miami, with little known Edgerrin James, went into Waco and won 45-14)
  • What size denim does Kelly Clarkson wear these days? Oh, My!!!!
  • The "Air Guitar Championships" are back in Dallas. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is dumber.
  • Oil is back to almost $70 a barrel. I guess the Barnett Shale boom is back on.
  • Seventeen in North Texas are arrested on a drug investigation by "the FBI, ATF, IRS and a host of other law enforcement groups." And your government throws a fancy press conference with high priced graphics in order to justify their jobs.
  • After I wrote that, I realized I had forgotten to look for a code name for that drug interdiction because there is always a fancy code name. I found it: "Operation Highwaymen." Sheesh.
  • They need to call it "Operation Time Waste."
  • Channel 8's Dale Hansen taking all of June off due to depression? Uh, I'm suddenly suffering from depression and would like to take all of June off with pay as well.
  • Fox 4 reporter forgets where he is the other day. (But you have to wait through a 15 second commercial. Ugh. We know anybody over there that can do something about that?)
  • Craziest line I saw written in anger yesterday by feuding Wise County relatives on Facebook: "You wouldn't know Jesus if he slapped you in the face." (And I'm not making that up -- somehow the fight broke out on my page.)
  • Yesterday, there were some comments made on here about how much it will cost to park in the new Cowboys' Stadium. Today, Bud Kennedy has the answer.