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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Rare Photo Of Ex-Mrs. Green #3
  • We've had three earthquakes recently (yesterday in Cleburne, May 16th in Euless and October 21st of last year in Irving)? What' going on?
  • Some of the "I hate all drilling" crowd are blaming in the exploration of the Barnett Shale. My one semester of college Geology provides me with the expertise to say, "Heck if I know."
  • There's a Mesquite elementary school that has shut down because over 100 students have the flu. If that had happened during the Swine Flu Panic of 2009, every school in North Texas would have shut down.
  • I get a ton of mass forwarding anti-Obama racist emails like I'm part of some "white club" or something.
  • I finally solved my home Internet problems. I almost had to go to therapy.
  • After the tech guy installed my new router, he wrote down the new wireless key like he expected me to know what to do with it. I did, but would everyone?
  • Will Ferrell is everywhere promoting the new Land of the Lost movie. Not interested.
  • Oddest encounter outside the Decatur courthouse yesterday. A scruffy looking guy was carrying a bottle of baby oil and a lighter and then began to bombard me with questions: "What's in this bottle?" "Can I trust the label?" "Would you rub something on you that would clog your pores forever?" "Which one of these is more toxic?" I have no idea.
  • I think I heard where our Texas government killed someone last night.
  • Crazy story: A senior vice president of Frost Bank plummeted 14 stories to his death yesterday in downtown Fort Worth and no one knows what happened.
  • Wow: The Bridgeport Index is in the process of placing every page of its paper online from 1957 to 1975. It's a little cumbersome but it does have a name index. I browsed around it a little bit and it's fascinating. (I tried to find my birth announcement, but couldn't.)