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Afternoon Mind Bursts

  • After I posted my "I've got a friend who I think is bi-polar" thought this morning, I had five people email me wanting to know why I said that about them.
  • I have a lot of crazy friends.
  • There was a district court docket today in Decatur today that was excruciating slow.
  • As we all sat around in the back griping, one funny-man-lawyer said, "Sheesh, guys. It's not like you're out working on the highway for two hours."
  • Whenever you represent a hot girl, every other attorney in the room will come by and give you the business.
  • One of my court appointed clients showed up for court with the biggest hole in his jeans that you've ever seen. And, trust me, it wasn't a fashion statement.
  • As we walked up to the judge, I tried to position myself to block the offending clothing from, uh, a person's eyes who would be offended. At one point I even discretely lowered my legal pad to block the clothing from his view.
  • When I walked to the rear of the courtroom, I had this test text message waiting for me on my phone: