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Afternoon Mind Bursts

  • After I posted my "I've got a friend who I think is bi-polar" thought this morning, I had five people email me wanting to know why I said that about them.
  • I have a lot of crazy friends.
  • There was a district court docket today in Decatur today that was excruciating slow.
  • As we all sat around in the back griping, one funny-man-lawyer said, "Sheesh, guys. It's not like you're out working on the highway for two hours."
  • Whenever you represent a hot girl, every other attorney in the room will come by and give you the business.
  • One of my court appointed clients showed up for court with the biggest hole in his jeans that you've ever seen. And, trust me, it wasn't a fashion statement.
  • As we walked up to the judge, I tried to position myself to block the offending clothing from, uh, a person's eyes who would be offended. At one point I even discretely lowered my legal pad to block the clothing from his view.
  • When I walked to the rear of the courtroom, I had this test text message waiting for me on my phone:


Anonymous said...

whats a test message?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you carry a spare change of several size clothes in your lawyer sized-attache' case. Or quit wasting time on this blog and have a pre-meeting with your court appointed client prior to standing before Hiz Honor, so you can check his attire out and correct it if needed, beforehand.

Being the presumptuous liberal sympathizer that I am, I feel pity for the person who had the big hole in his jeans, especially since all you high-tone legal beagles are making fun of him.

You may call me Your Majesty. In fact, I insist. said...

You were covering his ass literally and figuratively. hahaha

Anonymous said...

There should be a eight foot by ten foot photo of the person being tried as they looked when arrested behind the judge.The meth heads would not look like the same species. DAGO

Anonymous said...

At our school, we hand out "tomorrow I will dress for success" t-shirts for those who can't follow dress code. Maybe you need some "scrubs" with that message on them and you can hand them out to clients who like holes in their clothes.

RPM said...

It's just another one of the little extras you get when you retain BG's services.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Barry, think of what you want in life.

A career as a journalist.

A career as a lawyer.

A career as an actor.

A career as a shrink.

A man married.

A man with children......

Then, put all that in prespective in your personal life.

We wait.

Anonymous said...

Nice mug shots of Colonial lake jumpers!

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry, the guy was court appointed counsel, so obviously he doesn't have the funds to afford a real lawyer, and maybe that was the nicest pair of jeans he owned.
So you and your cohorts decide to poke fun at someone less fortunate.
Whatever the crime may be, he deserves to be treated fairly and have a fair trial. If he is found guilty then let him be punished for his actions, not on his clothing or lack thereof. No wonder so many people have lost faith in our judicial system, superficial judges and dime a dozen spineless, weasel lawyers, not all of them but alot. If you have enough many money you can literally get away with murder i.e. OJ

Anonymous said...

If your nose itches, someone is coming with a hole in their britches.

If indeed the nose itches, scratch it just a tad,
Then cover that britches hole with a lawyer's legal pad.

Anonymous said...


He wants to be married...I can tell. He is just jaded. Find a submissive woman who loves you Barry and have a good life!

Anonymous said...

What is their problem with talking about bipolar. Winston Churchill was bipolar. He also was the grandson of the owner of the NY Times. His mother, from NY, was Jewish.(a little trivia that comes to mind when I think about Churchill).

I have a good friend who is bipolar. He is extremly smart, I mean off the charts. We lived across the street from each other while he was going to medical school and I was amazed to watch him run through a text book in one evening and remember everything he read.

Sometimes I wish I had the mind of a bipolar person.

Anonymous said...

I am still one of those folks who has respect for the court system and like seeing the judge robed, the lawyers nicely dressed and the folks on trial in proper clothing.

I once sat on a jury with Judge Fostel as the presiding judge. Someone in the audience was making faces. Judge Fostel put a stop to it. I appreciated this.

If we don't demand respect we just don't get it, whether it is in the courtroom or workplace.

Case closed.

soz said...

how do you get that little screenshot from your phone??? do you just crop it after saving it??? jealous.

Anonymous said...

Nice cover the wet spot on your pants from old man pee double dribble with duct tape.

Double Fake Home Depot

PS, at least you didn't pee on the floor

PPS, or wear a diaper(yet)