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FromThe Ol' Email Bag

Barry, I have an issue I need some info on. I know this is not Ann Landers, but, there is a very large, diverse and educated group of readers out there. This issue is about to split our home and my possible “next ex” is prepared to move out to prove her point.

Here’s the issue that I’d be interested in getting response about:

I have a sixteen year old step daughter. She is a very good kid and trusted completely. Her mother feels it’s okay for the step daughter have her boyfriend come over . . . at any time, go to our step daughters bedroom, go in, hop in bed and watch T.V. with the door closed until he’s ready to go home.

1. I am against him going into her room and closing the door. No matter how much she is trusted, it’s not appropriate.

2. I have set time limits as to how long he can stay....10 P.M. Sun. thru Thurs. nights....11 P.M. Fri. and Sat.

3. I require he knock on the door of my home before he just walks in unannounced like he lived there.

I have been told my ideas of today’s kids are different than her and that I need to come to today’s way of thinking. My wife is planning on moving out unless I “compromise”.