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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • That's a good looking Dallas police car.
  • The half-sized paper towel is a good invention.
  • The Fox 4 weather guy showing us the lake levels every day drives me a little nuts. Hey, they don't change that much from day to day.
  • Someone told me Liberally Lean was blocked at Bridgeport ISD. True? What about Decatur ISD?
  • President Obama is over in Egypt this morning giving a speech as he trys to make peace with the Muslim world. Can you imagine how uncomfortable W would have looked walking into that room?
  • "FORT WORTH — The death of a man who fell from a downtown parking garage Tuesday has been ruled a suicide by the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office." This very short story provides no information as to how that ruling was made. And allow me to quote Kip Dynamite when I say, "Like anyone could possibly know that."
  • I never have thought sports radio boys Ben & Skin were very funny.
  • I would never eat at a "Tea Room."
  • I can't wait to see what the traffic is like at the George Strait concert on Saturday night at the new Cowboy stadium. I'm not going. I just want to hear about it.
  • I really want to see the stadium and not sure I want to wait for the OU game in early September (which seems easier to get into than a Cowboy game). But I think there's a soccer match before that which might be a good option - especially since I've never been to a soccer game in my life.
  • Prosecutors dismiss a capital murder case in Fort Worth weeks before trial because they decide their evidence wasn't good enough? Uh, you want to make that decision before you charge someone with a crime that carries with it a minimum of life in prison. Oh, yeah, what about the one year he spent in the Tarrant County jail after the indictment?
  • The recklessness of some prosecutors in seeking (and getting) an indictment for any case that comes across their desk is frightening.
  • My neighbor's kid, who was a toddler when I moved into the neighborhood, is now mowing the lawn for the first time. Now I know why you guys have kids.