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I'm On The Shoulder Of Information Super Highway

So I've been having Internet issues at home and it takes A LOT before I'll call tech support. But I finally got frustrated enough to do so. Twenty-two minutes later, the really nice guy on the other end of the line told me he'd have to send someone out. And get this: He apologized because it would take until tomorrow (which was Sunday). Heck, I'm happy it would be within a month. But I had the dreaded window of 12 to 4 p.m. But my luck continued to roll when the guy shows up before 1:00 p.m. Meet "Dave" - the tech guy. He takes a look at the problem and decides that he's going to have to swap out the modem. No problem. Let's get after it. All is going well (with the exception of the awkward moment when Dave says, "It's awful quiet in here. Everyone run out on ya?") Buddy, do you have a minute? So I'm sitting in my favorite chair reading the paper expecting to have me some lightening fast Internet any second. And, then, a power down moment. Dave rounds the corner and says, "There's nothing I can do for you." Me: "What?" Dave: "They tell me it's a billing issue." Me: "What?" Dave: "They probably should have told you that when you called." Me: "But I've got it set up for automatic credit card billing." Dave: "Sorry, nothing I can do. Here's the number you need to call." Me: "Well, is that my tech problem? Is it cutting out because I'm behind on the payment? I would think they would cut it off completely. Will you have to come back?" Dave: "I really can't say." (And it was like he was following a manual that read, "If you find out you're in the house of a deadbeat, do NOT provide any assistance. Get out immediately. And fast.") As he drove off and a tear rolled down my cheek, I began to try and figure out what went wrong. Ah ha! It dawned on me that MasterCard had sent me a new card with a new number a couple of months ago because "my account, along with others, may have been compromised in a security breach." I had forgotten to update the new credit card number with the Internet company. OK, I'll just update it on the Internet. Uh....not so fast. So I dialed the number. Uh....not so fast since "Customer service is closed." Slumping in my chair. Oddly, my Internet fires back up and I'm able to make the change online. Then it died for a few hours. Now it's back up. Now if I can just get this posted befo