Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Channel 8 covered Jackie Murphree's return to Texas from China yesterday.
  • There was a Euless motorcycle death last night. It had been kind of quiet on that front for a couple of weeks.
  • GM announces dealership closings today. There is no way in the world that James Wood Motors would be on the list. But wouldn't it be a Wise County earthquake if it was?
  • I don't think I've ever said this: There is nothing wrong with Texas Ranger pitching.
  • Richardson has elected a Muslim to its city council. Two words: Sleeper. Cell.
  • Video one: ESPN anchor giggles through marijuana story. Good times.
  • Video two: Minor league pitcher has a very difficult time trying to execute back to back intentional walks. Fail.
  • I looked through four marijuana criminal cases yesterday that have been filed in Wise County. As I thought about how much taxpayer dollars had been dedicated to each case it made me want to scream.
  • I managed to get a guy released from the Wise County Jail yesterday who had been transferred there after being granted parole from TDC. He had been imprisoned since 2005. His dad was giddy. (Oddly, he was being held here on hot check charges -- don't worry, the merchants got paid.)
  • Everyone was talking about Grey's Anatomy yesterday so I watched about 10 minutes of it last night. It seemed very soap operaree (my made up word.) Lots of the characters staring at one another as the show faded to commercial breaks.
  • Good observation from Jarhead this morning: "Isn't it funny how little kids run everywhere they go? Imagine what a goofy place the world would be if grown-ups did that as well."
  • There are now three sports radio station in Dallas. I promise you can get in your car in the last afternoon/early evening and click through all three and you'll hear commercials on each one.
  • A big law firm in Texas has slashed first year associates salaries by $15,000 due to the economy. Three observations: (1) I've never seen that happen before, (2) they still make more than everyone in Wise County, (3) their lives are an absolute beating.
  • I'm now considering a two week vacation year: Florida Keys in the summer and my drive through the South in the fall. (Driving through the South in the summer seems like a whipping.)
  • I'm driving down to Waco tomorrow - something I haven't done in quite a while. Everyone tells me I-35 is becoming incredibly congested. (But I think it's worse if you continued on to Austin or San Antonio.)
  • It's a graduation ceremony. I guess it would be rude to take a couple of magazines. Or would it?