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In Days Past: Unheard Of

The verdict came down this afternoon. If the story is correct, the State was seeking the death penalty. Think about that. The government wanted to kill this man, but a jury decided they would let him walk out of the courtroom. Oh, my. And I think he had been in jail since his arrest in March of 2006.


Anonymous said...

Heads up...Doushe Bag constable out on 287...WTF is up w/ that outfit!!! He lloked like Buford T. Pusser!!

Anonymous said...

Just read the story and....oh, my! That's all I can say, also.


Anonymous said...

That guy may or may not have been technically guilty but having his sorry ass locked up for three years was probably a goog thing. Something tells me he aint no saint

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:55 That is what you get when you vote a single party ticket. Yep you are stuck with him for 4years. better luck next time.