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It's A Mystery

Yesterday, Chrysler fired off a press release listing all the to-be-closed dealerships. GM, at least as of noon, didn't handle it the same way causing media outlets to pull their collective hair out trying to figure out who got the axe. I haven't heard of a single one yet.


Anonymous said...

From Ch 11 website,

"GM spokeswoman Susan Garontakos said the company will not make public a list of dealers to be cut, leaving the decision to release information to individual business owners."

Anonymous said...

That ought to piss off the media.GREAT it is kind of personal too.

Anonymous said...

It's great unless you buy a car next week and have no warning that you'll have to find a dealership farther away for future service.

Anonymous said...

within 2 years the chinese will totally finish off us auto manufactures (sic)..i saw a docu showing a chinese auto plant,it was tooled for the 21'st century and much more efficient that any of the "little 3".